‘Borderlands 3’ Is Expected to Be Unveiled Thursday, Giving Take-Two Stock a Likely Bump

It looks like one of the most anticipated games in Take-Two Interactive Software’s lineup will finally make its debut Thursday. Gearbox Software has posted a teaser video for the third (or fourth, depending on who you count) installment in the Borderlands franchise, a frenetic action series that has amassed an enormous player base. Analysts have […]

Nintendo Hopes to Boost Gaming Business With New Switch Models

Nintendo’s popular Switch gaming device might soon have some successors. The Japanese gaming giant is planning to launch two new Switch models as early as this summer, The Wall Street Journal is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of its plans. One of the models would be designed for long-time players who want […]

Why the Olympic Games Are Steering Clear of E-Sports

Athletes of the future won’t necessarily cross finish lines or score goals. Some may, in fact, be professional e-sports players who rack up virtual wins. Aware of the huge popularity of video gaming, the International Olympic Committee and the Global Association of International Sports Federations, or GAISF, hosted a forum in July about e-sports and […]

Data Sheet—Why Every Big Tech Company Wants Its Own Cloud Gaming Service

Gaming is the $130 billion business most grownups know nothing about but technologists love. For tech types, gaming has it all: nerdery, bandwidth, pretty pictures, and easy-to-understand applications of complicated technology. The news of the week is that Google will offer a cloud-based gaming service called Stadia, one of several hoped-for “Netflix of gaming” products […]

Google Unveils Stadia, a Video Game Streaming Service That Could Threaten Xbox and PlayStation

Google is getting into video games. And it’s playing to win. The search giant, speaking at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco Tuesday, unveiled Stadia, an ambitious game streaming service that could present the most significant challenge yet to console makers such as Sony and Nintendo. Scheduled to launch later this year, Stadia […]

E-Sports Ad Sales to Grow 25% This Year, Analyst Says

The competitive video gaming industry’s ad business is thriving. U.S. online ad revenue for e-sports, including sponsorships, is expected to grow 25% to a record $178.1 million this year, research firm eMarketer said Thursday. That money will come from digital ads, but does not include ad or sponsorship revenue collected by traditional television, which broadcasts […]

GameStop Investors Threaten Proxy Battle Over ‘Stale Board’

GameStop is dealing with a host of problems in its business. And now, it’s facing the wrath of two major shareholders. In a letter to the GameStop board, Permit Capital Enterprise Fund and Hestia Capital Partners, which together own 1.3% of GameStop, said that the company needs to replace its “stale board” and increase stock […]

‘Rape Day’ Video Game Pulled From Distribution by Steam

Rape Day, the unreleased video game that seemed designed to cause controversy, will no longer be distributed on the Steam digital distribution system. But Valve Software’s statement explaining the decision to remove it from the platform might not soothe the anger that flared as people learned about the title. Valve was in a tricky spot […]