Livongo Plots a Digital Health IPO to Raise $100 Million: Brainstorm Health

Happy Friday, readers! You can officially add another name to the list of digital health firms seeking to go public. On Friday, Livongo – a chronic disease management firm using connected devices and online coaching communities to help treat and prevent conditions such as diabetes – filed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents for a […]

Former FDA Chief Gottlieb Heads to Pfizer’s Board: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers – and a short one for you amid some busy times. Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb abruptly resigned from his post earlier this year following a tenure marked by aggressive changes is drug approval, digital health, and tobacco policy. On Thursday, he announced he’s already got a new […]

Digital Health Startup Omada Snags Another $73 Million in Funding: Brainstorm Health

Hello and happy hump day, readers. Sean Duffy, the co-founder and chief executive at digital health upstart Omada Health, approached the company’s new $73 million funding round with a philosophical question: “What will healthcare delivery look like in 20 years? How should it look?” Duffy’s firm has taken a decidedly digital approach to the business […]

What the $63 Billion AbbVie Allergan Deal Says About the Drug Industry: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers. Let’s parse the big news out of the health care acquisitions world–AbbVie announced on Tuesday that it will buy Allergan in a deal valued at about $63 billion, a 45% premium on Allergan’s most recent closing stock price. The proposed M&A will be one of the largest health care mergers of the […]

Bristol-Myers Squibb Loses $6 Billion in Value on Celgene Deal Setback: Brainstorm Health

Happy Monday, readers! Bristol-Myers Squibb hasn’t exactly had a pristine path to its proposed acquisition of Celgene. Sure, the legacy pharma giant racked up more than 75% of shareholder votes to approve the $74 billion acquisition following a quickly-quashed rebellion from some activist naysayers. But the company hit another hurdle in its Celgene acquisition quest […]

Who’s Afraid of Amazon in Digital Health?⁠⁠⁠—Brainstorm Health

Happy Friday, readers! On this summer solstice, we’ve received some more insight into exactly why health care companies are so concerned about Amazon’s entry into the digital health space. Those concerns always made sense in a theoretical kind of way (Amazon is, after all, the Killer of Industries, from retail to cloud storage to the […]

About That ‘Cell Phones Give You Horns’ Study: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers. One day, I’m going to have do an empirical study on the correlation between eye-catching public health stories and the time of year (I have a strange suspicion that they tend to spike round the summer time). The latest: A claim by Australian scientists that frequent use of cell phones, tablets, and […]

Google, Pharma Giant Sanofi Team Up to Discover Drugs: Brainstorm Health

Happy hump day, readers. Another big pharma company is seeking reinvention in the digital era. This time around, it’s Sanofi, the French drug mainstay long known for its insulin and diabetes portfolio – but which has faced mounting pressures in a crowded field choc full of competitors. Now, Sanofi and Alphabet’s Google are teaming up […]

The Kids Are Not All Right: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers. Suicide has been on the rise in America in recent years. And a new report suggests the trend has hit teenagers especially hard. Harvard Medical School and Tel Aviv University researchers found that “adolescents are of particular concern” when it comes to the 30% spike in American suicides between 2000 and 2016, […]