The SEC’s Kik Crypto Case Shows Just How Far Crypto Has To Go—Data Sheet

We’re big on “wars” these days. There’s a trade war on with China, which some think is a new kind of cold war. The culture wars over perennially hot-button topics like abortion rights are heating up. And at the intersection of finance, technology, and securities law there’s a “war on crypto.” “Crypto,” for the uninitiated, […]

The Ledger: The Crypto Rebellion, Mastercard Moxie, As Coinbase Turns

American history is replete with uprisings against overbearing government: think of tax-weary colonists throwing tea into Boston harbor or the Reagan Revolution of 1981, where voters demanded a respite from regulation. Today, leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry are at a breaking point of their own, issuing a collective cri-de-coeur against the SEC. The first […]

The Ledger: IPOs to Rival Dotcom Bubble, Facebook ‘GlobalCoin’ Coming Soon, Billion-Dollar Blockchain Buybacks

2019 is poised to be the biggest year for U.S.-listed initial public offerings since the dotcom bubble. That was one of my findings in a piece I contributed to the recently published Fortune 500 issue of the magazine. As Kathleen Smith, cofounder of Renaissance Capital, an IPO-tracking firm, told me: “We think we can get […]

The Ledger: AT&T Blamed for Cryptocurrency Hacks, ‘Game of Thrones’ Meets Crypto, Barry Silbert Talks Bitcoin

Last week was blockchain week in New York, and on Wednesday I was at the Consensus conference to moderate a couple of panels, one of which was titled “Policing the Blockchain: Protecting Investors and Consumers.” It was an exciting discussion for me, because one of the panelists, Michael Terpin, had been the victim of a […]

Bitcoin: A Hedge for Trump’s China Trade War?

Global uncertainty is good for Bitcoin investors, it seems. As trade talks between the United States and China broke down earlier this month, the price of Bitcoin soared higher than it has all year. Market watchers have speculated that the cryptocurrency, commonly referred to as “digital gold,” benefited from investors’ jitters in the equities and […]

Bitcoin Breaks $8,000, Extends Two-Week Winning Streak

Bitcoin climbed above $8,000, extending its longest winning streak since 2013 and giving fresh momentum to a cryptocurrency market that crashed only last year. Just hours after leaping 25% on Monday with no apparent explanation, the largest digital token added as much as 5.9% on Tuesday. That helped push the crypto universe’s total market value […]

The Ledger: Fin-Tech in Montauk, Binance Robbery Update, Go Away Fake Satoshi

It’s Blockchain Week in New York, and so this week’s newsletter is devoted to a special event–not the chaotic conference unfolding right now in midtown Manhattan, but a June gathering on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. It was almost two years ago when the three of us–Jeff, Jen, and Robert–first created The Ledger as […]