Mortgage Lender Grows Series C Funding Round to $160M

After initially securing $70 million for its Series C round in January and raising another $25 million in add-on funding, online mortgage lender has officially closed off the Series C with a total of $160 million raised, Fortune has learned. Activant Capital led the latest influx in funding and was joined by Ping An […]

Why Beijing Is So Reluctant To Suppress Protests in Hong Kong

As Chinese paramilitary guards drilled on Hong Kong’s border last Thursday, China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom assured journalists Beijing had “enough solutions and enough power to swiftly quell unrest” in Hong Kong. And yet demonstrations have raged across the city for eleven weeks. So why hasn’t Beijing already sent in the troops? Over the […]

Someday, Apple May Make Your New iPhone Out of Pieces of Your Old iPhone

In an unmarked building tucked away in an industrial park in Austin, a location so secret it doesn’t appear on Apple Maps, one of Apple’s latest technologies is hard at work. Inside glass casing, automatic robotic arms move left, right, up, down, and around a conveyor belt with speed and precision. A couple of technicians […]

Fortune Interview: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on Automation, Training 2.2 Million Workers, and the Tragedy in El Paso

Spend a few minutes talking with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon about his company, and it’s a good bet that he’ll touch on the importance of learning. Walmart, he will tell you, is a “learning organization.” He believes it is crucial that his employees—or associates, as Walmart calls them—be lifelong learners to adapt to a fast-changing […]

America’s CEOs Seek a New Purpose for the Corporation

For Milton Friedman, it was simple. “There is one and only one social responsibility of business,” the Nobel economist wrote in 1970: to “engage in activities designed to increase its profits.” Companies must obey the law. But beyond that, their job is to make money for shareholders.  And Friedman’s view prevailed, at least in the […]

‘It’s Life or Death:’ Hong Kong Protests Risk Its Special Trade Relationship With the U.S.

Amid political disarray and unending protests, Hong Kong now faces one more potential risk: losing its special trading status with the United States over fears that the Chinese government will forcefully crack down on the demonstrators who have occupied parts of the city for 11 weeks. Last week, after a spokesman for China’s Hong Kong […]