Apple Is Reportedly Asking Suppliers to Shift at Least 15% of Output from China

Apple Inc. has asked its largest suppliers to consider the feasibility of shifting 15% to 30% of its output from China to Southeast Asia in a dramatic shake-up of its production chain, the Nikkei reported. The U.S. tech giant asked “major suppliers” to evaluate the cost of such a migration, the newspaper cited multiple sources […]

Slack IPO: The Stock Market Is Rolling Out Its Welcome Mat Over Recent, Successful Tech Listings

After a sluggish spring, technology companies braving stock offerings in the public market are finding a warmer reception this month. The biggest test will come later this week, when Slack Technologies is expected to start trading through a direct offering. Slack’s chat and collaboration platform has become a workplace tool in 600,000 organizations, 95,000 of […]

More on Facebook’s Libra: CEO Daily

Good morning. There are so many more things to say about Facebook’s announcement of Libra, its planned cryptocurrency, yesterday. The company is clearly playing a multidimensional chess game, with business, political and public relations implications in mind. o Facebook, in need of friends, appears to be trying to bring everyone under its new tent. Corporate […]

Is Tech Too Intertwined For Huawei To Fall? — Data Sheet

Good morning. Eamon Barrett, filling in for Adam. Fortune’s inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference kicks off in Montauk today, where big names from big banks will share the stage with crypto-crusaders and fintech innovators. Check in with Fortune for regular updates on the keynotes, beamed in from the Hamptons. But first, let me take you to […]

Trump Fires Up Orlando Crowd With 2020 Campaign Re-Election Speech

It took President Donald Trump more than 30 minutes into his speech–that included bashing his Democratic rivals and the “fake news” media–before telling more than 20,000 people what they came to hear. “I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States,” Trump said Tuesday to […]

Economy, Wall, Taxes: Fact Checking Trump’s Speech at Orlando Rally

President Donald Trump officially opened his 2020 campaign Tuesday with a speech exaggerating what he’s done for the economy and against illegal immigration. Some claims from his rally in Orlando, Florida: ECONOMY TRUMP: “It’s soaring to incredible new heights. Perhaps the greatest economy we’ve had in the history of our country.” THE FACTS: The economy […]