Grail Touts Its Blood Test for Detecting Cancer Early: Brainstorm Health

Happy Friday, readers! Another year, another meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). ASCO’s yearly event draws more than 30,000 investors, executives, scientists, academics, and patient advocates in the cancer drug development space every year. Simply put, it’s the world’s biggest cancer conference. ASCO 2019 officially took off in Chicago on Friday (this […]

Amazon Possibly Buying Boost From Sprint and T-Mobile Is Confounding the Mobile Industry

As the regulatory review of Sprint and T-Mobile’s controversial merger nears its end, the wireless market may be experiencing some fevered dreams. But it’s still possible that consumers will come out the winners. While a majority of the Federal Communications Commission was ready to allow the two smallest major wireless carriers to combine, staff in […]

Google Requires Loot Box-Laden Kids’ Games Disclose the Odds of Winning Digital Goods

Loot boxes have successfully evaded regulation from the U.S. government, so far. But as the video gaming transaction rises in popularity, it has found itself faced with a new, possibly more powerful opponent: Google. The search engine giant and overseer of Android phones’ software has decided to make games that offer loot boxes in its […]

Trump Tariffs Will Hurt Lower Income Americans Above All: Economists

Donald Trump’s hardline stance on trade with China–and, now, Mexico–may be rattling the markets and shaking investor confidence. But according to some of the nation’s top economists, the Trump administration’s newly imposed import tariffs will be felt most sharply by a group that the President is loathe to alienate: ordinary, working American households. In a […]

Americans Are Spending More on Father’s Day Gifts

Americans will spend a record $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts this year, according to the National Retail Federation, in a survey released this week ahead of the June 16 holiday. “That figure has grown 70%, or $6.6 billion over the last decade,” Katherine Cullen, senior director of Consumer and Industry Insights at the NRF, […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Security Chief Accused of Making Racist, Sexual Comments

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security chief has been placed on administrative leave after staffers accused the bodyguard of sexual harassment and of making homophobic and racist comments about the Facebook CEO’s wife. Two former employees alleged that Liam Booth, Zuckerberg’s security chief, had groped household staffers and made a lewd comment, according to Business Insider, which […]

Milwaukee Declares Racism A Public Health Crisis: RaceAhead

Here’s your week in review, in haiku.   1. It keeps on rainin‘, and risin’, and blowin’ hard: levee’s goin’ to break   2. I wanted to read the new Jussie papers, but I was just too sad   3. I did, however, read the R. Kelly news, I may have had it framed   […]

New York’s MTA Gets Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Fitbit Pay: Here’s How to Set It Up

It took a while, but the world’s largest subway system is finally ditching its swipe-card system for a tap-and-go experience. Starting on May 31 at noon, 16 of New York City’s 472 subway stations–along with some of its buses–will let riders pay by tapping a credit and debit card. The new system also encourages strap-hangers […]