Walmart Says Price Increases Are Coming Due to China Tariffs

Shopping at Walmart is about to get more expensive. The nation’s largest retailer commented on the effects of the Trump administration’s increased tariffs on goods made in China Thursday in an earnings call. And it wasn’t good news for bargain hunters. “We’re going to continue to do everything we can to keep prices low,” said […]

Apple’s No-Good, Very-Bad Day: Trade War, Supreme Court Ruling Knock Stock Down 6%

If your week is off to a bad start, spare a thought for Apple. Its stock tumbled nearly 6% Monday, after two separate actions from the U.S. Supreme Court and Chinese trade authorities posed growth challenges to both its hardware sales and its growing services revenue. The day began with China saying it would retaliate […]

Trump Tariffs Shedding $1.4 Billion a Month in Consumer Income, Study Says

President Donald Trump has used tariffs as a negotiating tactic with international governments. But those tariffs might be hurting U.S. consumers more than anyone else, according to a new study. The tariffs and Trump’s broader trade policies with foreign governments reduced U.S. consumers’ monthly income by $1.4 billion by November 2018, according to a study […]

It Looks Like Trump Has New Trade War Foes: India and Turkey

In the latest maneuver in his war on trade deficits, President Donald Trump announced Monday his intentions to end preferential treatment for India and Turkey that allows billions of dollars’ worth of exports to enter the U.S. duty-free. The biggest beneficiary of the so-called Generalized System of Preferences, India exported $5.6 billion of products to […]