First Live Kidney Transplant Between HIV-Positive Individuals Completed at John Hopkins University

Surgeons at Baltimore’s John Hopkins University completed what is believed to be the first transplant of an HIV-positive organ from a live donor this week, showing that HIV-positive individuals are healthy enough to be effective donors. “Here’s a disease that in the past was a death sentence and now has been so well controlled that […]

Monthly Injections Could Replace the Daily Pill Regime of HIV Patients

Monthly injections of long-acting medication can replace the daily pill dosage for HIV patients, according to two studies involving over 1,000 people around the world. Daily pills can prevent the HIV virus from replicating, but the regime can be tiring to patients and some may have trouble reaching clinics to restock. The monthly injection, which […]

U.K. Patient ‘Free’ of HIV after Bone Marrow Treatment, but That Doesn’t Mean There’s a Cure

A patient in the U.K. has become the second person in the world to become HIV free after a bone marrow transplant. HIV became undetectable in the anonymous “London patient” after a bone marrow transplant, even though he was not taking antiretroviral drugs to control his illness. Scientists are officially calling the condition long-term remission, […]