The U.S. EPA Just Gave Bayer a Gift in Its Battle Against Weed Killer Cancer Claims

The embattled management at Bayer just got a handy boost from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)–a draft report that says glyphosate, the active ingredient in its Roundup weedkiller, does not cause cancer. This is no change of stance on the EPA’s part, but the timing of the new report should prove beneficial to Bayer, […]

Rakuten’s CEO Is Developing a Brilliant New Cancer Treatment: Light

Some types of innovation are fueled by curiosity. Others stem from the profit motive. (In many cases, it’s a bit of both). For Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani, the quest for groundbreaking science was born of heartbreak. Mikitani’s father’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis (and eventual death) spurred the serial entrepreneur to form a biotechnology outfit centered on […]

As Bayer’s Roundup Cancer Costs Accumulate, Questions Linger About the Wisdom of Its Monsanto Merger

Bayer has to pay out $81 million in damages to a man who claims the Roundup weedkiller caused his cancer, a jury ruled Wednesday. In a similar ruling last year, the sum was $289 million, reduced to $78 million on appeal. Since that first verdict, Bayer’s shares have lost 40% of their value–and there are […]

Put a Cork in It: Drinking a Bottle of Wine Per Week Is as Bad as Smoking 10 Cigarettes, Researchers Say

If you think a glass of wine a few nights a week can’t be that bad for your health, consider that it could be the healthy equivalent of smoking five to 10 cigarettes. That’s according to a new study published in the journal BMC Public Health, in which researchers looked at how one type of […]

AstraZeneca Will Pay Up to $6.9 Billion for Rights to Japanese Drugmaker’s Cancer Drug

AstraZeneca is aiming to expand its presence in the oncology industry with a new drug rights acquisition. The pharmaceutical company said on Thursday that it’s agreed to pay up to $6.9 billion for a cancer drug developed by Japanese drugmaker Daiichi-Sankyo. The sum includes an upfront payment of $1.4 billion and the possibility of paying […]

Soda’s Last Straw? Corn Syrup May Fuel the Growth of Cancerous Tumors, Research Finds

Drinking an excessive amount of soda that contains the sweetener high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is associated with colorectal (or bowel) cancer and obesity. And according to a study published in the journal Science on Friday, corn syrup may make bowel cancer tumors grow more rapidly. The study authors found that mice genetically engineered to develop […]

Jury Awards $29 Million in Latest Johnson & Johnson Cancer-Causing Baby Powder Lawsuit

An Oakland, Calif. jury has awarded a $29 million settlement to a woman who sued Johnson & Johnson over allegations that the company’s talcum-based baby powder contains asbestos-causing cancer, according to ABC News. Teresa Leavitt’s lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant claimed the company’s baby powder was the reason she developed mesothelioma, a cancer caused by […]

A: Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek Q: Which Beloved Game Show Host Shared His Cancer Diagnosis With Fans in a YouTube Video?

The host of Sony Pictures Television’s Jeopardy! since its debut in 1984, Alex Trebek posted a YouTube video on Wednesday to tell fans that he has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Ever the understated optimist–he is, after all, Canadian–Trebek made it clear that, dire as the diagnosis may be, he will do all […]

U.K. Patient ‘Free’ of HIV after Bone Marrow Treatment, but That Doesn’t Mean There’s a Cure

A patient in the U.K. has become the second person in the world to become HIV free after a bone marrow transplant. HIV became undetectable in the anonymous “London patient” after a bone marrow transplant, even though he was not taking antiretroviral drugs to control his illness. Scientists are officially calling the condition long-term remission, […]