Office Thermostat, Air Force, Family Bill of Rights: Broadsheet May 23

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Cold offices hurt women’s productivity, Kirsten Gillibrand introduces the Family Bill of Rights, and what’s next for the woman who’s become Enemy No. 1 of Big Tech. Have a terrific Thursday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] What’s next for tech’s nemesis. The European Parliament elections kick off today and folks in Silicon Valley–and […]

McDonald’s Harassment, Hope Hicks Subpoena, Away: Broadsheet May 22

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Workers file 23 claims of harassment and retaliation against McDonald’s, Hope Hicks is subpoenaed by House Democrats, and unicorn founders finally embrace “female.” Have a wonderful Wednesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Fumbling with “female.” Following last week’s news that luggage startup Away had reached unicorn status (a new $100 million round of […]

Mary Meeker, Kamala Harris Equal Pay, Lori Lightfoot: Broadsheet May 21

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Mary Meeker’s fund makes its first investment, taking paternity leave affects how many kids men want, and Kamala Harris puts the gender pay gap on the 2020 agenda. Have a terrific Tuesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Trying to bridge the gap. 2020 Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris announced a new “pillar” of her […]

Fortune 500 Boards, Taiwan Same-Sex Marriage, Nike Pregnancy: Broadsheet May 20

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Emma Hinchliffe here today. Nike will stop docking pay for pregnant athletes, Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage under President Tsai Ing-wen, and some Fortune 500 companies have cleared the 50/50 hurdle on their boards. Have a mindful Monday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] 50/50 on the 500. When last year’s Fortune 500 came out, […]

Sheryl Sandberg, Google, Tina Tchen Habit: Broadsheet May 17

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Tina Tchen and Robbie Kaplan introduce a new anti-sexual harassment advisory, women are leading the employee revolt at Google, and Sheryl Sandberg weighs in on men who are scared of mentoring women. Have a wonderful weekend. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] From scared men to empowered employees. This morning, I hope you’ll take […]

Fortune 500, Beyoncé Uber, Alabama Abortion: Broadsheet May 16

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! More CEOs were pushed out in 2018 for ethical lapses than financial performance, Beyonc? makes bank on Uber, and–hooray!–the new Fortune 500 sets a record! Have a terrific Thursday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] A Fortune 500 record. The latest Fortune 500 list–out this morning–sets a new record: as of June 1, 33 […]

Omarosa Equal Pay, Beto Reboot, TripAdvisor: Broadsheet May 15

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Sarah Friar’s Nextdoor is valued at $2 billion, Omarosa Manigault Newman joins an equal pay claim against the Trump campaign, and Fortune’s MPW community meets in San Francisco. Have a wonderful Wednesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Dinner with friends. Greetings from San Francisco, where Fortune gathered members of the Most Powerful Women […]

Nike Alysia Montaño, Flywheel, Doris Day: Broadsheet May 14

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Female veterans in Congress team up on fundraising, Nike’s sponsorship deals don’t let female athletes take maternity leave, and we’re reminded that toxicity isn’t reserved for masculinity. Have a great Tuesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] A ‘toxic perspective.’ Earlier this year, the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines aimed at promoting better mental […]

Cindy McCain, Huawei CFO, Infant Formula: Broadsheet May 10

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Cindy McCain gives her first lengthy interview since the death of her husband, infant formula is a new startup frontier, and an energy CEO outduels her massive rival. Have a wonderful weekend and, to those of you celebrating, a happy Mothers’ Day! EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Slaying giants. A Goliath slayer has […]