How the ‘Willy Wonka Of Design’ Reimagines Corporate Leadership

“Total bombardment” is how experience design pioneer Nelly Ben Hayoun describes her presentation style. Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore earlier this month, that descriptor was just about the only moment where minimalism took hold. Hayoun warned the audience that her speech–built on 275 slides, covering topics ranging from philosophy to film and […]

Alibaba’s Adhesive Buttons Help the Visually Impaired Interact With Smartphones

A design team led by DAMO Academy, the $15 billion research initiative formed by China’s premier e-commerce site, Alibaba, is working to make smartphones more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. There are more than 1.4 billion smartphones in China, more than anywhere else in the world. China also has the highest population of […]

Great Design Is the Key to True Product Differentiation

What does everyone truly want from their business? According to Todd Bracher, founder and creative director of Todd Bracher Studio, it’s not profit, market dominance, or even survival–it’s love. If customers love your products and services, they become brand ambassadors, and then everything else that follows becomes so much easier. “You need best-in-class design,” Bracher […]

In Singapore, a Retirement Community That Offers a Job, Exercise, and Medical Care

Located on the north end of Singapore, Kampung Admiralty is a public housing development targeted at elderly residents that integrates healthcare, public facilities, community space, and commercial amenities in a dynamic, vertical format. Designed by the Singaporean architecture firm WOHA, the small-scale development last year was awarded World Building of the Year. Kampung Admiralty is […]

Dyson CEO: $400 Supersonic Hair Dryer Has Been ‘Very, Very Successful’

Why would anyone spend $400 on a hair dryer? When Dyson, the British manufacturer famed for reinventing air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, made its first foray into the market for beauty products, competitors assumed the answer to that question was simple: They wouldn’t. But Dyson proved the skeptics wrong. In 2016, the company released the […]

Reflective Nostalgia: Neri&Hu’s Lyndon Neri On Learning from the Past

Too often we look to the future without thinking about the past, argues Lyndon Neri. The architect and designer appeared at the Fortune and Wallpaper* Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore last Thursday. A founding partner (alongside Rossana Hu) of Shanghai-based Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, Neri joined the event to explain “reflective nostalgia,” a concept […]