Ethereum Cofounder Says Blockchain Presents ‘Governance Crisis’

Charles Hoskinson believes blockchains are ushering in a new era for both business and government administration, one defined by a peculiarly unprecedented quality: leaderless-ness. The cofounder of the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, two of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency networks, dropped by Fortune’s Balancing The Ledger studio to voice his concerns about his peers venturing […]

Ethereum Fork Could Help Restore Parity’s Frozen Cryptocurrency

Tens of millions of dollars worth of Ethereum frozen in 2017 may finally be recovered, thanks to a new upgrade in the cryptocurrency technology. Parity, a blockchain project building decentralized Internet tech, lost access to 500,000 Ethereum–now worth more than $62 million–when a hacker exploited a software bug that froze the funds. But last week’s […]