Why Female CEOs Are Outnumbered by Jeffreys: Broadsheet for June 28

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Democrats hold Debate No. 2, the NYT comes around to E. Jean Carroll’s story, and new female CEOs among top firms were outnumbered by Jeffreys. Kick back this weekend! EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Outnumbered by Jeffreys. Fortune‘s Shawn Tully parsed a new report on CEO appointments in the S&P 250 last year […]

Have You Added She/Her/Her’s to Your Email Signature?: Broadsheet

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! We speculate about whether architecture can reduce sexual harassment, Time’s Up has some suggestions for the Democratic debates, and preferred pronouns are making their way into corporate America. Have a wonderful Wednesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] She/Her/Her’s. Last month, I wrote about an NYT story looking at the ways in the which […]

It Could Take More Than a Century to Close the Computer Science Gap: Broadsheet

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! The young women of TikTok are fighting back against creepy older men, the media isn’t paying much attention to E. Jean Carroll’s accusations, and we need a few years to close the CS gender gap–like at least 100 of them. Enjoy your Tuesday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] One hell of a gap. […]

Why One Diverse Candidate Isn’t Enough: Broadsheet for June 24

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Another woman accuses President Trump of sexual misconduct, WeWork is under fire for gender discrimination, and we apply job interview research to the Democrats’ 2020 contest. Have a mindful Monday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Why one isn’t enough. There’s a magic number when it comes to diversity efforts: more than one. In […]

To Diversity the Financial Industry, Break the Wheel: Broadsheet

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Trump’s tariffs would affect women more than men, Kelly Craft has a confirmation hearing to become UN ambassador, and an update from our Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk. Have a great weekend. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Breaking the wheel. Greetings from Montauk, N.Y., where I spent most of the week at Fortune‘s […]

What’s Next in Blockchain? Ask This Teenage Engineer

A 17-year-old, brain-computer interface developer is challenging people to rethink the possibilities of blockchain by creating her own encrypted interface where people can share genetic data. Ananya Chadha–the youngest interviewee at Fortune‘s inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, N.Y.–told Fortune Editor-at-Large Shawn Tully that “blockchain is so powerful for things that most people forget about.” […]

Sallie Krawcheck Wants CEOs to ‘Break the Wheel’ to Solve the Diversity Crisis

Sallie Krawcheck isn’t here for your diversity groups and mentoring programs. “Guys, we’ve been doing that for years and years and years. If it was gonna work, it would’ve worked,” she said of the common corporate salves to a pressing diversity crisis. Instead, CEOs need to decide they’re going to “break the wheel,” the CEO […]

A Bitcoin Prosecutor-Turned-Crypto VC on Facebook’s Libra: The Broadsheet

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Hope Hicks testifies without saying much, Google employees show up at Alphabet’s shareholder meeting, and a prosecutor-turned-VC MP considers Facebook’s new currency. Have a terrific Thursday. EVERYONE’S TALKING [bs_bullet_primary] Considering a new cryptocurrency. When Kathryn Haun, the Justice Department’s one-time go-to prosecutor for Bitcoin related-felonies, joined VC firm Andreessen Horowitz to […]

Women’s Sex Toy Startup Sues New York City MTA Over ‘Double Standard’ in Advertising Rules

New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has never allowed advertising of sex toys–but it’s run plenty of sexually suggestive ads, notably for products addressing male-oriented issues like erectile dysfunction. Sex toy startup Dame, which manufactures products geared toward women, developed an ad campaign featuring small vibrators and phrases including, “Toys, for sex.” The campaign was rejected […]