Google ‘Moonshot’ and NSA Toolkit Rise Above the Marketing Deluge at RSA Conference

This week the cybersecurity industry’s RSA Conference (perhaps I should say the RA Conference) took place in San Francisco. It’s a mega-marketing and deal-making affair at which vendors spend lavishly to persuade potential customers that their wares can protect them, even when they can’t. While I did not attend the potlatch, I observed the proceedings […]

Alphabet’s Cybersecurity Division Unveils Its First Product, a Real-Time Security Management Service

A year ago, Alphabet’s moonshot factory launched Chronicle to create cybersecurity products. At the time, cybersecurity seemed mundane relative to the ambitions of other moonshots. Now that Chronicle has unveiled its first product, called Backstory, the nature of its ambitions are a little clearer. Backstory focuses on an area of enterprise cybersecurity called security information […]