Here’s What Analysts Are Saying About Uber’s IPO

Uber’s long-awaited initial public offering has analysts mulling over one big unanswered question: Does Uber have a realistic path to profitability? The ride-hailing company’s public stock listing on Friday comes amid a wave of blockbuster tech IPOs, including one by rival Lyft nearly two months ago. Uber’s financial details, revealed in the run up to […]

This Is Why Rideshare Drivers Are Going on Strike

After weeks of nonstop coughing, Carlos Martin finally went to see a doctor. His physician immediately ordered an X-ray, unveiling an aneurysm in his aortic arch. The bulge was just a few weeks away from bursting, said the doctor. Martin was lucky his dangerous condition was caught in time. But he’s even luckier to have […]

Lyft Kicks Off Highly-Anticipated ‘Year of the IPO’

Lyft’s initial public offering on Thursday is the first of a series of highly-anticipated debuts by tech companies in public markets. And so far, Lyft is proving that it’s the right time to make the leap. “With what we’re seeing with the excitement and feedback from the investment community, this IPO market could end up […]

In Letter to Employees, Uber CEO Explains Why Newly-Acquired Careem Will Be Run Independently

Uber confirmed early Tuesday morning that it’s acquiring Middle Eastern ridesharing competitor Careem in a $3.1 billion deal. The acquisition of the Dubai-based firm will give Uber a stronger foothold in the Middle East/Northern Africa region, which has a total population of about 400 million. It will also help the company move one step closer […]

Lyft Delivers a Few Punches to Rivals in its IPO Filing

In the race to go public this year, Lyft has a head start on rival Uber — at least when it comes to unveiling the details about its planned initial public offering. And though Lyft is gaining market share and revenue, its losses continue to rise while the growth of its ridership slows–both factors that […]

Lyft’s New Feature Asks Riders to Walk a Few Blocks for Cheaper Fare

Lyft launched a new Shared Saver feature Thursday that banks on the assumption that riders are willing to walk a couple blocks to save a couple bucks. Promising to provide the app’s lowest prices, unaffected by surge pricing, Lyft wrote on its blog that Shared Saver gives riders a “pickup spot that’s a quick walk […]