Fiverr IPO: What to Know About the Company Capitalizing on the Millennial Gig Economy

“Gig-economy” service Fiverr got a new gig as a public company on Thursday. Fiverr is the latest freelancer company to go public, several months after fellow gig-economy company Upwork hit the market. Debuting at $26 per share (already over 23% higher than their initial pricing at $18 to $20), Fiverr stock is already trading up […]

Bird Buys Competitor Scoot, Further Consolidating the Crowded Scooter-Rental Market

Electric scooter rental firm Bird has agreed to buy competitor Scoot as it continues to expand its global footprint. The acquisition, announced Wednesday, is an example of what many market watchers have been saying about the scooter industry: The long list of rivals will consolidate and that a few major players left standing will prevail. […]

Uber and Lyft Made Big Promises During Trump’s 2017 Travel Ban. Did They Deliver?

In 2017, Uber and Lyft reacted to President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim countries by pledging millions of dollars to support impacted immigrants. Two years later, both companies say they have delivered on their promises. The ride-hailing companies’ offers came after President Trump, citing national security concerns, signed an executive order in banning […]

Data Sheet—The Biggest Enemy of Cab Drivers Wasn’t Uber and Lyft

The best journalism illuminates, analyzes, and challenges conventional wisdom. The technology sector, given to rosy outlooks and equally harsh assessments, needs this more than most. With that in mind I point you to two tech-tinged gems. The New York Times published recently published a certain prizewinning-series that explained the scandalous run-up in prices of taxi […]

Uber’s First Earnings After IPO May Reveal More About Its Scooter Ambitions

Uber and Lyft are spending big money to ramp up their electric scooter businesses even as they face rising scrutiny about their lack of profits. They’ve hired big teams, bought thousands of scooters, and are continuing to invest in creating their own scooter designs. But despite disappointing recent initial public offerings and super-sized losses, the […]

Here’s What Analysts Are Saying About Uber’s IPO

Uber’s long-awaited initial public offering has analysts mulling over one big unanswered question: Does Uber have a realistic path to profitability? The ride-hailing company’s public stock listing on Friday comes amid a wave of blockbuster tech IPOs, including one by rival Lyft nearly two months ago. Uber’s financial details, revealed in the run up to […]

Pay Less Attention to Uber’s IPO. And Everyone Else’s.

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. I’m bored with IPOs. Permit me to explain. In my Silicon Valley formative years, just before the inflation of what came to be known as the first Internet bubble, […]

Data Sheet—Pay Less Attention to Uber’s IPO. And Everyone Else’s.

I’m bored with IPOs. Permit me to explain. In my Silicon Valley formative years, just before the inflation of what came to be known as the first Internet bubble, participants in capital markets understood initial public offerings for what they were, financing events. Fledgling companies raised a small amount of venture capital, investments they got […]

Here’s How Ride-Sharing Drivers Will Strike Ahead of Uber’s Massive IPO

One of the perks of an IPO, it’s often said, is all the free publicity it can bring. In the case Uber, however, the extra attention ahead of its long-awaited IPO may not be so positive. Drivers working for Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing apps are organizing strikes in the U.S. and the U.K. on […]

This Is Why Rideshare Drivers Are Going on Strike

After weeks of nonstop coughing, Carlos Martin finally went to see a doctor. His physician immediately ordered an X-ray, unveiling an aneurysm in his aortic arch. The bulge was just a few weeks away from bursting, said the doctor. Martin was lucky his dangerous condition was caught in time. But he’s even luckier to have […]