Apple Week in Review: iPhones Rumors, Tim Cook on Doing ‘What’s Right’

Apple is working on new iPhones for later this year, but don’t expect them to have dramatically different designs. Reports this week said that Apple’s planned iPhones look nearly identical to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from last year. This time around, Apple will focus more on the components inside the devices that […]

Why Today’s Apple Event Was So Unusual

There have been good Apple events and bad Apple events since Tim Cook took over as CEO seven and a half years ago, but there has been nothing like today’s event. For the first time that I can recall, Apple brought nothing to the table but its power. To sum it up, Apple announced a […]

President Trump Calls Tim Cook ‘Tim Apple’ at His First American Workforce Policy Advisory Meeting

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat next to President Donald Trump during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday. The president even said the Apple CEO had “become a friend of mine.” But when the time came to call his friend by his name, Trump massively fumbled the Apple CEO’s name. “People like Tim, […]

Apple Might Be Having Problems With Its Original Content Ambitions

Apple is having some problems with its original content producers, according to a new report. The tech giant’s top executives, including CEO Tim Cook, are proving to be “intrusive” in the production of Apple’s original content and have been “giving notes” on the scripts producers are creating, the New York Post is reporting, citing sources. […]