Is Tech Too Intertwined For Huawei To Fall? — Data Sheet

Good morning. Eamon Barrett, filling in for Adam. Fortune’s inaugural Brainstorm Finance conference kicks off in Montauk today, where big names from big banks will share the stage with crypto-crusaders and fintech innovators. Check in with Fortune for regular updates on the keynotes, beamed in from the Hamptons. But first, let me take you to […]

CEOs on Capitalism and a Life of Meaning—Data Sheet

News flash: Capitalism is in trouble and CEOs get it. Sort of. The annual meeting of Fortune‘s CEO Initiative, a gathering of leaders who want their companies to be a positive force in the world, concluded Tuesday in New York City. CEOs generally are aware there’s a problem. Their companies don’t create enough jobs, their […]

Why Cash Is Quickly Disappearing From China’s Economy—Data Sheet

Greetings from Hong Kong. Clay Chandler here, filling in for Adam. I’m just back from a few days in Beijing where I marveled anew at how modern China is a becoming a post-money society. I don’t mean post-material society; in today’s China, people still care immensely about wealth: who has how much of it, how […]

Data Sheet—Why Alibaba’s Hong Kong IPO May Signal a Chinese Retreat From Wall Street

Clay Chandler here, filling in for Adam from rainy Hong Kong where everybody is buzzing about Alibaba. As we briefly mentioned on Tuesday, the Chinese tech behemoth is mulling a secondary listing on the Hong Kong exchange to raise $20 billion later this year. The company isn’t commenting. In this city, where finance floats nearly […]

Data Sheet—How Chinese Competitors Slipped Past Starbucks and Amazon

The China operations of two iconic Seattle companies have been in the headlines lately. Amazon announced last week that it will close its floundering domestic e-commerce business in China, ending a fifteen-year struggle for market share. And on Monday, Luckin Coffee, the scrappy Beijing-based startup that is on the verge of overtaking Starbucks as China’s […]

Eye on A.I.— Why You Should Be Concerned About China’s Gains in Artificial Intelligence

Chinese tech giants Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are rapidly improving their artificial intelligence, challenging current U.S. tech leaders like Google and Amazon. China’s so-called BAT companies, as New York University business professor and futurist Amy Webb calls them in her latest book, The Big Nine, get a big boost from their government’s funding and tech-friendly […]

How China’s Surveillance State Reflects ‘Black Mirror’

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. Tuesday’s South China Morning Post features a harrowing profile of David Kong, one of the more than 13 million Chinese citizens officially designated a “discredited individual.” In 2015 after […]

Data Sheet—How China’s Surveillance State Reflects ‘Black Mirror’

Tuesday’s South China Morning Post features a harrowing profile of David Kong, one of the more than 13 million Chinese citizens officially designated a “discredited individual.” In 2015 after his publishing venture collapsed and he failed to repay debts of about $240,000, Kong was branded a deadbeat and his name entered onto public blacklist maintained […]

Alibaba’s Adhesive Buttons Help the Visually Impaired Interact With Smartphones

A design team led by DAMO Academy, the $15 billion research initiative formed by China’s premier e-commerce site, Alibaba, is working to make smartphones more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. There are more than 1.4 billion smartphones in China, more than anywhere else in the world. China also has the highest population of […]

Investing in China: All Bets Are Off

Last August, in my first post for Adam’s Data Sheet newsletter, I warned that Chinese tech companies might be headed for a “capital winter.” Alas, that dire prediction appears to be coming true. The Economist, citing research by CB Insights, noted last week that, in the last three months of 2018, deals to commit venture […]