Why It’s Not So Easy To Regulate or Split Up Big Tech Companies—Data Sheet

The emotional highlight of the second day of Brainstorm Tech was the town hall meeting on how tech should be regulated, moderated by Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal. The Heritage Foundation’s Diane Katz drew hisses for suggesting hate speech can’t be defined, as she also made the broader case that government is ill-equipped to regulate tech companies. […]

Economist Luigi Zingales: To Limit Big Tech’s Power, Regulations Should Be Tailored

For an economist, Luigi Zingales has an unconventional approach when it comes to regulating technology giants and their ever-increasing power. It boils down to this: Breaking up the tech giants isn’t the answer, but regulatory fixes are still needed to preserve competition and democracy. Zingales, director of the Stigler Center for Study of the Economy […]

Hello Kitty Is an Antitrust Violator

Hello Kitty isn’t just a much-beloved cartoon character and branding phenomenon. The 45-year-old kitten—or at least Sanrio, the Japanese company behind her—also turns out to be an antitrust violator. That’s according to the European Commission, which on Tuesday hit Sanrio with a €6.2 million ($7 million) fine for breaking the European Union’s competition rules. One […]

Broadcom Is Reeling from the Huawei Ban. Now It Faces Big Antitrust Trouble in Europe

This isn’t turning out to be a great month for Broadcom. Less than two weeks ago, the California chip giant had to knock 8% off its 2019 revenue outlook, thanks to the ban on U.S. companies supplying China’s Huawei, the world’s biggest telecoms equipment firm. That took 8% off Broadcom’s share price. Now the company […]

Amazon U.S. Online Market Share Estimate Cut to 37.7% From 47%

A closely watched researcher has cut its estimate of Amazon.com Inc.’s share of the U.S. e-commerce market after incorporating new figures from the company. EMarketer Inc., among the most widely cited sources for estimates of U.S. online retail sales, says it now expects Amazon to account for 37.7% of online commerce this year, the Information […]

The DOJ’s Antitrust Chief Just Came Out Swinging Against Google and Amazon

The Justice Department’s antitrust chief came out swinging against Google and Amazon on Tuesday, arguing big technology companies are “digital gatekeepers” that may struggle to defend themselves by arguing their products are free or really cheap. Makan Delrahim, who recently launched a probe of the industry, compared the digital giants to previous companies that the […]

Time for New Trade Tactics With China: Data Sheet

Eleven long months ago, at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman cogently explained how a rational, effective president of the United States would handle a trade dispute with China. He’d sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, bring European allies into the agreement, and then negotiate quietly with the […]

There’s No Roadmap to Breaking Up Facebook—But Here’s Where the Government Might Start

“Break up Big Tech,” has become a rallying cry of consumer advocates and prominent politicians. But what, in practice, would that actually look like? Fortune spoke with experts in various areas of law and business to see how that might play out with Facebook, which has become a bad boy poster child. The short view: […]

Growing Criticism Makes Big Tech a Big Target Over Antitrust, Legal Experts Say 

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are feeling the heat as U.S. officials start aggressively investigating whether the companies violated antitrust laws. The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have reportedly agreed to start inquires into whether the companies stifled competition and limited consumer choice, according to the Wall Street Journal. The DOJ will […]