Artificial Intelligence Is Center Stage at Brainstorm Tech: Eye on A.I.

These days, executives at big companies come in two flavors, it seems: Those who have already invested in artificial intelligence to sift through their business data and those are considering investing. That’s why A.I. is a key theme at this year’s Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., a three-day event that kicked off Monday. […]

CEOs Pledge Privacy, While Consumers Weigh the Trade-Offs: CEO Daily

Good morning, This is Katherine Dunn in London, filling in for Alan. On Day 1 of Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen yesterday, the same word—somewhat unsurprisingly—cropped up again and again: “privacy.” As consumers have invited technology deeper into their homes and handed over samples of their DNA, companies are rushing to reassure clients that privacy […]

Taking Credit From China – CEO Daily

“The West still hasn’t understood how profoundly China’s rise has changed the international financial system,” professor and economist Christoph Trebesch told Germany’s Spiegel in an interview following the release of a new report on China’s “hidden debt,” which Trebesch co-authored at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. According to the report, the amount of […]

What People Get Wrong About China and Artificial Intelligence

China is close to becoming the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, according to conventional wisdom. But Jeffrey Ding, leader of all things China at the Center for the Governance of AI at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, has a much different take: China’s prowess in artificial intelligence is exaggerated. Ding’s take on China and […]

Trump’s Huawei Reprieve Causes More Problems—Data Sheet

Clay Chandler here, filling in for Adam. I’m on leave in Montana this week and following China tech developments from afar. President Trump stunned observers on both sides of the Pacific last Saturday with an announcement that he is willing to scale back restrictions barring Huawei Technologies from buying high-tech equipment from U.S. firms. The […]

AMD Denies Improperly Giving Sensitive Chip Technology to China

Advanced Micro Devices on Friday denied a report that it had improperly transferred critical microprocessor technology to Chinese partners. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that AMD’s 2016 joint venture known as Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment, or THATIC, allowed a company with ties to the Chinese military to obtain chip technology that could […]

American Consumers Might be About to ‘Talk Ourselves Into a Recession.’ Here’s How

Consumers may be starting to sweat it. According to business research group The Conference Board’s monthly report, the consumer confidence index missed expectations and dropped to 121.5 in June–a two-year low from September 2017. The board expected the index to hit 134.1 originally, but bearishly revised last month’s number to 131.3 for June. As a […]

Trump’s Trade War Takes Aim at Tech—Data Sheet

Clay Chandler here filling in for Adam. Tech investors began the week chuffed by the prospect that President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping would revive stalled trade negotiations when they meet this Saturday in Osaka, Japan on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Their optimism was kindled last Tuesday by a Trump tweet revealing […]