Hong Kong’s About Face

Clay Chandler here, filling in for Alan. I write from Hong Kong where the big news is that Carrie Lam, the city’s Beijing-appointed chief executive, announced this afternoon that she will “pause” her administration’s push to pass a contentious extradition bill. The proposal, which would have enabled Hong Kong to hand over fugitives accused of […]

How China’s Most Popular App Spies on Users for Beijing

Greetings from Hong Kong. Clay Chandler here, filling in for Alan with our weekly Sino-Saturday edition of CEO Daily. I’ve written a lot about the wonders of WeChat, the multi-functional “super app” operated by China’s Tencent Holdings. I’m not alone in considering WeChat one of the world’s most innovative digital platforms. Launched in 2011 as […]

The Long Winter: Bracing for a Protracted US-China Cold War

Greetings from Hong Kong. Clay Chandler here, filling in for Alan with CEO Daily’s weekly Sino-Saturday edition. The rift between the world’s two largest economies widened further this week: On Friday, China announced plans to create an “unreliable entities list” to ban foreign companies or people who “do not follow market rules, violate the spirit […]

How China’s top-down political system holds it back

Clay Chandler here, chiming in from Hong Kong with CEO Daily’s weekly Sino-Saturday edition. It has been more than a week now since the collapse of trade talks between the world’s two largest economies. China and Washington have since announced billions of dollars in new tariffs on each others’ exports. Official rhetoric between the two […]

Taiwan’s Trump?

It was inevitable that Foxconn Technology Group chairman Terry Gou’s Wednesday announcement he’s running for president of Taiwan would invite comparisons to Donald Trump. Both men are brash billionaires who claim their business experience qualifies them for political leadership. Gou has said he was inspired in part by Trump’s example. They share a fondness for […]

Can the U.S. compete with China on 5G?

President Trump declared Friday he wants private companies, not the federal government, to take the lead in building America’s 5G telecommunications network. “In the United States, our approach is private sector-driven and private sector-led,” he told reporters in a White House appearance alongside Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai. Trump’s statement was billed as an […]

China Semiconductors, ZTE 5G, Trump Trade: CEO Daily for April 6, 2019

Good morning. Eamon Barrett filling in for Clay who is taking a well-earned vacation. On Wednesday the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), an industry group that includes Intel, Micron Technology and Nvidia among its members, released a report no doubt designed to capture the imagination of President Donald Trump. It came out a day before […]

Grab vs. Go-Jek: Inside Asia’s Battle of the ‘Super Apps’

We all scream for ice cream. That’s the idea behind Ice Cream Day, a promotion launched by Uber Technologies in 2012. The ride-share giant courts customers by allowing them, for one day each summer, to arrange instant dessert delivery through the Uber app. But in June 2015, as the American powerhouse expanded that campaign across […]

Investing in China: All Bets Are Off

Last August, in my first post for Adam’s Data Sheet newsletter, I warned that Chinese tech companies might be headed for a “capital winter.” Alas, that dire prediction appears to be coming true. The Economist, citing research by CB Insights, noted last week that, in the last three months of 2018, deals to commit venture […]

Mark Zuckerberg Has WeChat Envy—and That’s Terrifying

Trade talks between the U.S. and China appear to have bogged down in recent days, in part over U.S. concerns China isn’t doing enough to prevent its companies from ripping off American technologies. But I find no small irony in the fact that, even as negotiators from the two countries haggle, the founder of one […]