Only Regulation Can Jump-start Competition in Big Tech

A few tech giants have become dominant in key markets. Antitrust enforcers, Congress, and presidential candidates are assessing digital platforms like Amazon and Facebook and how we got here. Competition in these markets brought us innovative new consumer products, but new sources of competition are drying up.  Recent reports suggest that natural economic characteristics of […]

Breaking Up Facebook ‘Won’t Be Enough,’ Says Morgan Stanley Boss. Here’s His Proposal.

New York City’s just-concluded “blockchain week” was palpably more subdued than it has been in years past. (Or maybe I was just not invited back to the parties after my 2018 travelogue.) In any case, I took a brief break from the madness of the Fortune 500 issue close to drop by the Consensus conference, […]

Zuckerberg Should Be Held Personally Liable for Facebook’s Violations

To start you week, three really good tech-oriented things I’ve consumed recently: * Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s cover story on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is a snappily written and illuminating take on the man who has presided over his company’s reinvention. This story has been told over and over. And yet, the yarn about how and why […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Finally Meeting with a U.K. Lawmaker as Regulation Looms

Mark Zuckerberg managed to seriously anger British lawmakers by refusing to meet with them as they were investigating disinformation on Facebook. So this week they produced a report calling Facebook “digital gangsters” and urging the government to hit the company hard with its regulatory hammer. Now Zuckerberg’s listening. At least, for half an hour. British […]