A Brexit Architect Sees Trade Opportunities in the Resignation of U.K.’s Trump-Bashing Ambassador

A future U.S.-U.K. trade deal could benefit from the resignation of Kim Darroch as British ambassador to Washington—at least, according to a key architect of Brexit. Darroch quit Wednesday, following an extraordinary diplomatic storm around leaked comments in which he derided President Donald Trump’s administration as “uniquely dysfunctional” and “chaotic.” The leak prompted a furious […]

There’s One Subject in the U.K. That’s as Toxic as Brexit. Trump Just Waded Into It

Once, advocates of the U.K.’s departure from the European Union argued that Brexit would mean more government funding for the country’s National Health Service, or NHS. Now, President Donald Trump has confirmed the opposite: in trade talks between the U.S. and U.K., which will take place once Brexit has gone into effect, the U.S. wants […]

The U.K. Conservative Party Once Swore It Was Pro-Business. Thanks to Brexit, Now It’s Just Swearing

When U.K. Finance Chief George Osborne declared five years ago that his Conservative Party was “proud to be the party of firms and of businesses and of peoples’ incomes and peoples’ jobs and peoples’ livelihoods,” the statement was something of a clich?. Tony Blair’s center-left Labour Party may have briefly seized the “party of business” […]

English and Welsh Sparkling Wines Are Sparking a New Wave for Bubbles

When thinking of sparkling wine regions, locales like Italy (prosecco), Spain, (cava), and France (Champagne, of course), are usually top of mind. Certainly, there are numerous producers of sparkling wine around the world, but the next big hotspot for bubbles might not be somewhere you’d first expect–for any kind of wine. England has been producing […]

Theresa May Is Quitting Britain’s Top Job. Business Won’t Like What Comes Next.

The British prime minister, Theresa May, is finally falling on her sword. On Friday morning, she announced her imminent resignation as Conservative Party leader on June 7th. A leadership contest will formally begin on that date, though in reality it has been underway for weeks already. Tory members of Parliament will need to come up […]

Meet the Data-Obsessed Collector Tracking Whiskies Going for Millions on the Auction Block

There are three types of buyers for the world’s rarest Scotch whiskies: drinkers, collectors, and investors. Andy Simpson is all three. “Today’s collectors provide liquid for tomorrow’s drinkers,” says Simpson. What he means by that is there’s a symbiotic relationship between the three: if people drank all the Scotch made in the past, there would […]

The U.K.—If You Can Believe It—May Soon Face Yet Another Referendum

The U.K., which clearly hasn’t had its fill of referendums recently, may face another one in the next couple of years–this time about Scottish independence, again. The last such referendum took place in 2014. It was fairly close–though not as close as the Brexit referendum that would follow two years later–with 55.3% of Scots voting […]

President Trump Is Expected to Receive the Queen’s Lavish Royal Welcome in June

Queen Elizabeth II will host Donald Trump on a state visit to the U.K. on June 3-5, risking a repeat of the nationwide public protests which greeted the U.S. president during his trip last year. A state visit is the highest honor afforded to visiting dignitaries and comes at a critical time for Prime Minister […]

Crisis Averted; Uncertainty Remains: Brexit Delay Will Keep Businesses on Edge Until October

Another delay to the U.K.’s exit from the European Union risks keeping businesses and consumers on edge and hobbling the economy. Brexit is on course to be delayed until the end of October under a plan to avoid a chaotic no-deal hashed out over late-night talks in Brussels. The U.K. can leave earlier if Parliament […]