Meet the Data-Obsessed Collector Tracking Whiskies Going for Millions on the Auction Block

There are three types of buyers for the world’s rarest Scotch whiskies: drinkers, collectors, and investors. Andy Simpson is all three. “Today’s collectors provide liquid for tomorrow’s drinkers,” says Simpson. What he means by that is there’s a symbiotic relationship between the three: if people drank all the Scotch made in the past, there would […]

The U.K.—If You Can Believe It—May Soon Face Yet Another Referendum

The U.K., which clearly hasn’t had its fill of referendums recently, may face another one in the next couple of years–this time about Scottish independence, again. The last such referendum took place in 2014. It was fairly close–though not as close as the Brexit referendum that would follow two years later–with 55.3% of Scots voting […]

President Trump Is Expected to Receive the Queen’s Lavish Royal Welcome in June

Queen Elizabeth II will host Donald Trump on a state visit to the U.K. on June 3-5, risking a repeat of the nationwide public protests which greeted the U.S. president during his trip last year. A state visit is the highest honor afforded to visiting dignitaries and comes at a critical time for Prime Minister […]

Crisis Averted; Uncertainty Remains: Brexit Delay Will Keep Businesses on Edge Until October

Another delay to the U.K.’s exit from the European Union risks keeping businesses and consumers on edge and hobbling the economy. Brexit is on course to be delayed until the end of October under a plan to avoid a chaotic no-deal hashed out over late-night talks in Brussels. The U.K. can leave earlier if Parliament […]

The ‘Divorce Capital of the World’ May Not Have That Title for Long

Brexit looks like the world’s worst break-up. But for cross-channel couples currently on the skids, the U.K.’s separation from the European Union may just be the harbinger of another messy split to come: their own. As the British Parliament grapples with unknowns over when and how its extraction from the EU will happen, divorce lawyers […]

The Good Brexit News: Theresa May Tries Bipartisanship. The Bad: Some Think It’s a Trap

The Brexit saga just took a gigantic twist with Theresa May’s decision to actually seek some sort of compromise with the opposition. The prime minister on Wednesday began talks with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, to see if they can agree on a proposal that stands a chance of getting through Parliament. The 2016 Brexit referendum, […]

A No-Deal Brexit—With Its Catastrophic Consequences—Is Coming Into Clearer View

The risk of a no-deal Brexit is increasing every day, the European Union’s top negotiator warned after the British Parliament yet again failed to achieve consensus about an alternative way forward. On Monday night, U.K. lawmakers voted in a second round of so-called indicative votes, which are votes on possible alternatives to Prime Minister Theresa […]