Big Internet Companies Can Expect Tougher Regulation, Even As User Privacy Concerns Decline, Analyst Says

Two of the big trends that will impact the largest Internet companies this year are increased scrutiny by U.S. regulators and reduced pressure over privacy. These topics were among 10 trends that Mark Mahaney, managing director and lead Internet analyst at RBC Capital Markets, listed on Monday at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. […]

Facebook and Google’s Data-Control Tactics Aren’t Just a Privacy Issue Anymore

It used to be that the only regulators who were interested in Facebook and Google’s data-controlling ways were privacy watchdogs. No longer. Competition regulators are increasingly getting in on the action, too—and it’s a controversial trend, particularly in Europe. On Wednesday, the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) became the latest to join the fun […]

The DOJ’s Antitrust Chief Just Came Out Swinging Against Google and Amazon

The Justice Department’s antitrust chief came out swinging against Google and Amazon on Tuesday, arguing big technology companies are “digital gatekeepers” that may struggle to defend themselves by arguing their products are free or really cheap. Makan Delrahim, who recently launched a probe of the industry, compared the digital giants to previous companies that the […]

Growing Criticism Makes Big Tech a Big Target Over Antitrust, Legal Experts Say 

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are feeling the heat as U.S. officials start aggressively investigating whether the companies violated antitrust laws. The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have reportedly agreed to start inquires into whether the companies stifled competition and limited consumer choice, according to the Wall Street Journal. The DOJ will […]

France Hits Google and Amazon With New Digital Tax to ‘Restore Fiscal Justice’

France Unveils Its New ‘GAFA’ Digital Tax, Named After Those It Targets: Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon The French economy minister on Wednesday unveiled his proposal for a new tax on digital giants from Google to Uber. The 3% revenue tax–known locally as the “GAFA” tax after the initials for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon–would apply […]

Data Sheet—Privacy Legislation Is Coming for Big Tech, Facebook Keeps Spying, Tesla Makes Cuts

Good Friday morning. I hope you’ve been enjoying Aaron’s incisive reporting from Barcelona and Clay’s insightful commentary from China. Fortune is a truly global organization. I’m going to end the week where I started, noting the tightening regulatory noose around the necks of the tech behemoths. They’ve built trillions of dollars of value in the […]