Why the Olympic Games Are Steering Clear of E-Sports

Athletes of the future won’t necessarily cross finish lines or score goals. Some may, in fact, be professional e-sports players who rack up virtual wins. Aware of the huge popularity of video gaming, the International Olympic Committee and the Global Association of International Sports Federations, or GAISF, hosted a forum in July about e-sports and […]

E-Sports Ad Sales to Grow 25% This Year, Analyst Says

The competitive video gaming industry’s ad business is thriving. U.S. online ad revenue for e-sports, including sponsorships, is expected to grow 25% to a record $178.1 million this year, research firm eMarketer said Thursday. That money will come from digital ads, but does not include ad or sponsorship revenue collected by traditional television, which broadcasts […]

Super League Gaming CEO on Leading the First Public E-Sports Company

This week marked a major milestone for the gaming industry: Super League Gaming became the first e-sports company to go public. The company, which hosts in-person competitions for amateurs that it streams on Twitch and YouTube, held an initial public offering on Tuesday. But when its stock started trading, its shares tumbled 24% to $8.50. […]