New Harvard Study Links Drinking Sugary Soda and Sports Drinks to Premature Death—Especially for Women

If your dental bill hasn’t scared you into foregoing sugary drinks, perhaps a new study from Harvard’s School of Public Health will do the trick. Research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation Monday linked sugary sodas, sports drinks, and other beverages to premature death–particularly for women. Although the drinks were linked to increased […]

Scientists Call for an International Moratorium on Heritable Genome Editing

A group of 18 scientists have called for an international moratorium on editing sperm, egg, or embryo DNA to create genetically modified children, outlining their argument in a paper published by Nature Wednesday. The signatories–including scientists, ethicists, and some inventors of the gene-editing tool Crisper–wrote that they do not want a permanent ban, but a […]

Microplastic Polluting Rivers and Seas Across the Globe, Says New Research

Microplastic pollution knows no boundaries. The contaminants have been found in the U.K.’s lake and rivers, in U.S. groundwater, along the Yangtze river in China and on the coast of Spain, according to new studies. Less than 5 millimeters in size, the minuscule pieces of plastic often shed from larger, disintegrating pieces of pollution and […]

California Was on Everyone’s Mind at Congressional Data Privacy Hearings. Here’s Why

One word keeps getting mentioned amid a push for federal privacy legislation aimed at reining in how Facebook, Google, and Apple collect personal information about their users: California. It came up repeatedly during a House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing about privacy on Tuesday. And it came up again during a Senate Committee on […]