U.S. Officials Are Using Sniffer Dogs to Keep Hog Population Safe From Swine Flu

U.S. officials are using sniffer dogs as a way to help protect the U.S. hog population from African swine fever, which has recently caused issues in China. The deadly virus is not only highly contagious but is also nearly 100% fatal in both wild and domestic pigs, The Wall Street Journal reports. The disease does […]

Chef Boyardee Recalls Nearly 3,000 Pounds of Microwavable Meals

Nearly 3,000 pounds of Chef Boyardee products are being recalled over concerns that they might have been misbranded and could potentially contain allergens that weren’t declared on the label. The products themselves aren’t dangerous, just mislabeled. Specifically, containers labeled as “chicken and rice” might potentially contain beef ravioli. The beef ravioli product contains dairy and […]

America’s Farmers Face Challenging Times. Loan Delinquencies Hit a Nine-Year High

Farm loan delinquencies are at a nine-year high due to declining crop prices and tariffs, according to the Associated Press. Farm Service Agency loans (aka FSA loans). FSA loans are issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) when borrowers do not qualify with commercial financial lending institutions, and many of those government-backed loans come […]