Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Not Apologizing For That Fake Nancy Pelosi Video—Data Sheet

Aaron in for Adam today. You may have read over the past day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the fake Nancy Pelosi video that went viral on the social network in May and maybe even that he said it was a mistake not to remove it immediately, as Google’s YouTube did. No such […]

YouTube Faces Its Next Big Reckoning: How to Handle Children’s Privacy

YouTube is mulling over changes to how it handles content targeted at children amid a reported investigation by the Federal Trade Commission over allegations it violated the privacy of kids. At issue is whether YouTube violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, according to the Washington Post. COPPA makes it illegal for companies to collect […]

We Got a Preview of What NBA’s League Pass May Look Like Next Season

What will the NBA look like next year? Whatever the outcome of Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight in Toronto, the league has some potentially sizable changes underway for one of its other hot properties, its NBA League Pass subscription service. Prior to the Golden State Warriors Game 3 battle with Kawhi Leonard and […]

YouTube Finally Bans Supremacist Videos After 14 Years. What Took So Long?

YouTube says it’s now banning videos that include hate speech or promote supremacist views–a move that comes 14 years after the site’s inception and hundreds of millions of videos have been posted. The ban covers videos that suggest one group of people is superior over another based on factors including race, gender, age, or sexual […]

Esther Wojcicki, Mother of YouTube CEO, Shares Advice for Parents on Kids’ Exposure to Tech

Esther Wojcicki has a nuanced view of the role technology should play in children’s lives. As you might expect from the mother of tech CEOs Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Anne Wojcicki (23andMe), she sees tech as a valuable tool for making vast amounts of information widely accessible. But, as befits her role as a long-time […]

Google and Amazon Will Let Each Other’s Video Services Appear on Their Respective Streaming Devices

The frosty relationship between Alphabet Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. thawed a little further. The two tech giants said Thursday they would begin letting each others’ video services appear on their respective streaming gadgets. YouTube will soon be available on Amazon’s Fire TV while Amazon Prime Video will show up on Google’s Chromecast and Android TV […]

Congress Learns A Lesson About Internet Hate In Real Time

Call it out and they will come. This was the painful lesson learned yesterday, as YouTube moderators were forced to disable comments on the House Judiciary Committee’s livestreamed congressional hearing on online hate. The hearing itself had turned into an object lesson in online hate. Before the session had even begun, hateful comments began pouring […]

Proposed Law Would Require YouTube and Netflix to Do More to Protect Kids Online

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has introduced new legislation that would require YouTube and Netflix to do more to protect children from viewing sex, violence, and drugs on their streaming services. The proposed law, called the Kids Internet Design and Safety Act, aims to update children’s media regulations, which date back to 1990 and are focused […]

YouTube Pulls Back from Original Series, Report Says

YouTube appears to be backing off of its strategy of high-end originals, as competitors such as Apple dive further into the streaming video space. A report on Bloomberg says the Google-owned service is no longer taking pitches for expensive scripted shows and has cancelled two of its higher profile programs, the sci-fi show Origin and […]