Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield Isn’t Worried About Battling Chief Rival Microsoft

Corporate messaging service Slack has some advantages over its chief rival, Microsoft, despite Slack having fewer users, CEO Stewart Butterfield says. “It’s hard to maintain a real focus on quality, on user experience, and the bigger you get the harder it is,” Butterfield said in an interview at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. […]

Answering Some of the Biggest Questions Facing the Tech Industry—Data Sheet

Good morning from Aspen, Colo., literally (at 8,000 feet) and figuratively one of the most breathtaking places in the world. My Fortune colleagues and I convene the annual Brainstorm Tech conference this afternoon (starting at 2 p.m. Mountain Time). We’ll be joined by some of the brightest lights in tech, all here to see around […]

Why Microsoft’s Ban of Rival Slack May Be a Mistake—Data Sheet

Happy Monday. Aaron here, back from vacation, essay writing and curating this week, as Adam goes off on a break. Catching up on all the tech news while I was away, I was sent spiraling down memory lane by Friday’s GeekWire scoop that Microsoft maintains a list of “prohibited and discouraged technology.” Said list is […]

This VC Firm Invested $200 Million in Slack. Now Its Stake Is Worth $4.6 Billion

Stewart Butterfield loved the game, but not enough people agreed with him. He spent two years and raised roughly $11 million to build an online adventure game called Glitch that featured garrulous, blue-headed creatures and milk-drunk butterflies. Once people had a chance to play it and Butterfield could track the numbers, the verdict was clear: […]

Slack’s Stock Ends Its First Day Worth $21 Billion. Now the Hard Work Begins

Investors, say hello to the biggest tiny speck in the world. A decade ago, serial entrepreneur Stewart Butterfield co-founded startup Tiny Speck, which made video games that ultimately failed to catch on. But instead of giving up, he refocused the company on a chat app that his small team had created to communicate among themselves. […]

Slack Goes Public: What We Learned From Its Direct Listing Debut

Slack your coworkers–the workplace messaging company is now public. Huddled on the NYSE trading floor, members of the press, investors and market makers alike hurried up and waited for Slack to begin trading on Thursday. The company’s iconic message “ping” signaled it was time for Slack founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield to ring the bell. […]

Slack Jolts to $21 Billion Valuation In Direct Listing Debt After Shunning IPO

A parade of initial public offerings from Silicon Valley this year have garnered mixed receptions from investors. Slack Technologies Inc. took a different route on Thursday, and saw its shares soar as it went public without an IPO. Slack opened at $38.50 on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, well above the reference price of […]

Slack’s Chairman Was Raised in a Log Cabin. Now He’s Worth $1.3 Billion

Canadian entrepreneur Stewart Butterfield helped found Slack Technologies Inc. after selling his earlier startup, Flickr, to Yahoo for more than $20 million. The latest venture is bringing a bigger windfall. His 8% stake in the workplace communication company would be worth $1.3 billion if Slack goes public this week at $16 billion, the low end […]

Why Slack’s Upcoming “Direct Listing” May Work For Investors

During an IPO boom, fast-growing companies typically go public for one reason alone: to raise cash. Lyft, Pinterest, and Zoom are just a few of the closely watched startups to debut in recent months, raising billions in the public markets to fuel their growth. But now there’s a new twist: Going public without raising any […]