GM’s Board Will Have More Women Than Men. It’s Not the Only One

Women will make up more than half of GM’s board next month after two male directors retire, leaving six female directors, including chair Mary Barra, to five men. That’s a big milestone for one of the Fortune 500‘s biggest companies, but GM isn’t alone. Five others–Bed, Bath & Beyond, Casey’s General Stores, Viacom, CBS, and […]

Esther Wojcicki, Mother of YouTube CEO, Shares Advice for Parents on Kids’ Exposure to Tech

Esther Wojcicki has a nuanced view of the role technology should play in children’s lives. As you might expect from the mother of tech CEOs Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Anne Wojcicki (23andMe), she sees tech as a valuable tool for making vast amounts of information widely accessible. But, as befits her role as a long-time […]

Esther Wojcicki’s Secrets for Raising Great Leaders

Esther Wojcicki didn’t set out to raise CEOs. But she knew she wanted her children–and students–to have an upbringing vastly different from the one she had endured. “If I didn’t behave, I was beaten,” says the longtime educator and matriarch of one of the most well-known families in Silicon Valley. “My father’s philosophy was ‘Spare […]

CBS’s Susan Zirinsky on the #MeToo Movement: ‘This Will Never Be Over’

CBS has been one of the businesses that’s experienced the most tumult in the wake of the #MeToo movement, with executives Les Moonves and Jeff Fager and star Charlie Rose all ousted amid charges of misconduct. But “this will never be over,” new CBS News president Susan Zirinsky says of the #MeToo movement–though not with […]

Thinx CEO on Facing Doubts She Could Handle Work and Motherhood: ‘I Have to Prove Them Wrong’

While interviewing to take over as CEO of Thinx, the period underwear startup that was emerging from a scandal over working conditions and sexual harassment, Maria Molland nailed the process–but couldn’t prevent the misgivings of one director. “One of the board members told me directly that they were concerned about me having a young child […]

She Started the Movement to Ban Employers From Asking About Your Salary History. She Wants Job Ads to Change Next.

Solving the problem of gender wage inequity takes effort from companies, employees, and lawmakers. For Equal Pay Day, we spoke with a pay equality expert who works with all three. Equal Pay Negotiations’ Katie Donovan. FayFoto/Boston (C) 2010 FAYFOTO/Boston Katie Donovan started the movement to ban employers from asking about salary history in job interviews–one […]

The Firm Behind ‘Fearless Girl’ Has a Dubious Record of Backing Gender Diversity as a Shareholder

As the firm behind New York’s Fearless Girl statue, State Street Corporation has gotten an estimated $13 million in free publicity and even seen success pushing companies to add women to their boards of directors. But as a shareholder, the firm’s fund specifically devoted to gender diversity has often opposed initiatives in favor of that […]

How Google’s Mara Chomsky Overcame Her Greatest Challenge: Being an Introvert

Moving up the corporate ladder comes with an extra challenge for introverts: making sure your ideas and contributions are heard. It’s a problem Mara Chomsky, Google’s global lead for local guides, knows well. “The biggest challenge in my career is that I’m an introvert,” Chomsky tells Fortune in an interview series launching on International Women’s […]

Are You the Target of Workplace Discrimination? This Startup Wants to Help

When Ariella Steinhorn and Mary Rinaldi met in the summer of 2018, both were in process of recovering from a professional crisis. They’d each recently been pushed out from New York City jobs at small, male-dominated tech startups after experiencing what they describe as persistent gender discrimination. Both women signed non-disparagement agreements as part of […]