The Man Who Wants To See Robots Everywhere—Data Sheet

A week ago Walmart CEO Doug McMillon spoke in Aspen, Colo., about his company’s autonomous floor-cleaner robots. Yesterday, I met in San Diego with the company whose software is behind those robots, Brain Corp., the brainchild of a former mathematical neuroscientist named Eugene Izhikevich. Izhikevich is an unabashed proponent of robots. “I want to see […]

The Next Generation of Robots Will Be Powered By Artificial Intelligence: Eye on A.I.

Robots must be smarter if they’re going to pack boxes in warehouses, scan inventory in stores, and even care for the elderly. The rise of machine learning in recent years is making that possible. Steady innovation has led to robots that can independently “learn” to navigate tight corridors and grasp delicate objects without crushing them. […]

MIT’s MiniCheetah Robot Flips People (and Itself) Out

It seemed like just recently, robots used to move with stiff, jerky movements. Now, they’re doing backflips. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shared a video of their MiniCheetah robot successfully completing a backflip—and nailing the landing. The team said the 20-pound creature is the first four-legged robot to ever pull off the gymnastic […]

A Record Number of Robots Were Put to Work in the U.S. in 2018

Robots really are starting to take your jobs–kind of. North American companies took on robots in unprecedented numbers last year, according to a new report from the Robotic Industries Association. The organization’s data shows that 35,880 robots were shipped across North America in 2018, a 7% increase from the year prior. Every industry saw a […]