Amazon’s Worker Retraining Plan Is ‘a Drop in the Bucket,’ Says VC

Amazon committed last week to spend $700 million on retraining a third of its U.S. workforce. But the e-commerce giant’s effort, intended to equip workers with skills needed to compete in the new economy, drew mixed reviews from a group of tech executives and human capital experts gathered at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference on Tuesday. […]

How Automation Is Cutting Into Workers’ Share of Economic Output

Here’s a mystery: Why is workers’ share of total economic output declining? If you think that’s been happening forever or that the answer is obvious, you’d be wrong. On the contrary, through most of the past two centuries of booms, busts, wars, and technological revolution, labor’s share of GDP stayed remarkably constant (around 65% in […]

How to Stop Automation From Leaving Women Behind

Millions of workers are likely to be displaced by automation technologies and artificial intelligence over the next decade. The ones who equip themselves with the skills the changing labor market demands will find their niche in the new economy–and overcome the challenges that predate automation’s threat. That’s especially true for women, according to a new […]

Volkswagen and Amazon Team Up to Create an Industrial Cloud

The world’s biggest carmaker and the everything store are teaming up. Amazon amzn and Volkswagen vlkpf announced a new global, multiyear partnership Wednesday morning to create an industrial cloud for the automaker’s 122 facilities, with the intention of making the platform available to others. Amazon Web Services will power the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud, which will […]

Fintech Startup Tally Debuts What It Claims Is the World’s ‘Only Free Automated Savings Service’

Tally, a financial technology startup based in San Francisco, is debuting a service that it claims is “the only free automated savings service” for consumers. The 4-year-old startup, known for automating people’s credit card debt payments, is expanding beyond its initial product, which debuted last year, into one that automatically transfers a pre-set amount of […]

What Retail Workers Say About Technology Potentially Eliminating Their Jobs

Two out of three retail workers believe that technology will eventually replace some of their job responsibilities, underscoring the rising concern about the impact of automation and cutting-edge technology on the workplace. That’s according to a new survey Thursday by The Fair Workweek Initiative, a project spawned from the non-profit labor-monitoring groups The Center for […]