If the Economy’s So Good, Why is GDP So Low?

There’s something missing in today’s so-called historically strong economy: blowout GDP numbers. During the last half of the past century, the Department of Commerce released some pretty impressive GDP reports. Here are the highest annual real GDP readings during each decade from 1950 until 2000: 8.7% (1950), 6.6% (1966), 5.6% (1973 and 1978), 7.3% (1984), […]

U.S. Economic Growth Expected to Slow Sharply in 2019

Chief financial officers and even average U.S. citizens have been bracing themselves for a recession, either this year or next. American executives and investment experts have been more sanguine in surveys, typically discounting the possibility of a significant downturn. And, technically, as a recession means sustained negative economic growth, they still are, according to a […]

U.S. Economy Grew Faster Than Expected at the End of 2018

The U.S. economy cooled by less than expected last quarter as business investment picked up, suggesting growth could be stronger for longer as the Federal Reserve takes a patient approach to interest rates. The 2.6% annualized rate of gains in gross domestic product from October to December compared with the 2.2% median estimate of economists […]