Meet the Women Defining Quebec’s Wine Scene

Before the judges could finish announcing the winner of the Meilleur Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsperson of France) competition in the sommelier category last October, everyone knew it was going to be Pascaline Lepeltier. It wasn’t just that the Master Sommelier had placed as a finalist three times before. As food writer Sylvie Bigar noticed, […]

Toronto Is Now Home to a Thriving Syrian Food Scene

From the first swish of tahini sauce over chickpeas at breakfast to the final crunch of baklava at dessert, Toronto has become a land of opportunity for Syrian immigrant and refugee restaurateurs looking to share a taste of their homeland with their new city and its constant parade of visitors. Since late 2015, a refugee […]

U.S. Tariff Deal with Mexico, Canada Is Also About Cutting Off China’s Steel

The U.S. has reached an agreement to drop steel and aluminum tariffs on the two countries in return for preventing Chinese steel from coming over their borders into the U.S. In a speech before the National Association of Realtors, President Trump said, “I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just reached an agreement with Canada and […]

What It’s Like to Stay at a Remodeled Trump Hotel

When the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto, Canada went into receivership (essentially, bankruptcy) in the summer of 2017, the first thing the investment group that bought it did was chip off the giant gold letters identifying it with the brand of the current president of the United States. By the time it reopened […]

Farm-to-Table App Aims to Connect Chefs, Farmers, Butchers, and Vintners

Choosing a name for a company is never easy, especially when you’re bringing a new idea to market, like the farm-to-table app Arrivage. Its former name, Chef514, managed to fulfill the provincial language requirements of Qu?bec, Canada, which stipulates all enterprise names be in French, while also resonating in English. Five-one-four, Montr?al’s area code, is […]

The Coastal Canadian Town Where the Cocktails Taste Like the Nature Surrounding It

The adventure of visiting the beach resort of Tofino on British Columbia’s far west coast starts when you get on the flight. There’s no easy way to get there: once you make it to Vancouver, it’s either a combination of a ferry ride and a multi-hour drive, a seaplane hop, or a short flight in […]

Riven by Scandal, Canadian Politics Have Found Common Ground—in a Travel Agent

In these times of Canadian political crisis, there is just one thing everyone in the country’s capital can agree on. Scott McCord is a really good travel agent. He has been called “legendary,” a “savant,” and simply, “the man!”–that from a former minister of finance. In the midst of the U.K.’s Brexit meltdown and the […]

Understanding the Scandal That’s Tarnished Justin Trudeau’s Glowing Image

When he was first elected as Canada’s prime minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised openness, accountability and transparency in politics. In just one month, that reputation has been all but lost. Trudeau, the son of 16-year former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, has a lot going for him: Canada has the lowest levels of unemployment in […]

The Average American Uses 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper Each Week—And It’s Devastating Forests

A new report on paper use says Americans are flushing away Canadian forests. and the National Resources Defense Council just released a report describing the “tree-to-toilet” pipeline, concluding that “[t]he consequences for Indigenous Peoples, treasured wildlife, and the global climate are devastating.” The U.S. consumes more toilet paper than any other country, almost three […]