While SpaceX’s Internet Satellites Launch, a Rival’s Stock Price Blasts Off

Elon Musk’s SpaceX got a stratospheric number of headlines this week for lofting into orbit the first 60 operational satellites for its planned Starlink Internet service. But the startup will need to launch hundreds more satellites before offering even rudimentary Internet service from space–and almost 12,000 satellites to offer global, high-speed coverage. Meanwhile, almost no […]

Jeff Bezos and Amazon Propose Space-Based Internet Service to Compete With SpaceX and OneWeb

Amazon CEOJeff Bezos is joining the Internet space race. Last month, Amazon filed with the International Telecommunications Union for permission to put 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit so it could offer Internet service globally. The plan, codenamed Project Kuiper, is similar to those of a number of other companies that are pushing to establish […]

Masayoshi Son-Backed Startup OneWeb Launches Its First Space-Based Internet Satellites 

Space-based Internet startup OneWeb, backed by billionaires Richard Branson and Masayoshi Son, successfully launched its first six satellites on Wednesday, the beginning of a planned constellation of more than 650. OneWeb said it is already communicating with the six craft, which went into orbit via a rocket launched in French Guiana by private launch company […]