Brainstorm Health: Novartis $2.1 Million Drug, Brexit Fallout, Jakafi Drug Approval

Happy Friday, readers! On Friday, drug giant Novartis got the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) green light for a first-of-its-kind gene therapy to treat a rare, devastating genetic muscle-wasting disorder called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This victory was largely expected; all eyes, however, were on where Novartis would place the treatment’s list price. Speculation was […]

Brainstorm Health: CRISPR V. Superbugs, Gottlieb to NEA, UniQure Gene Therapy

Hello and happy hump day, readers! Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb already has a new gig. Gottlieb unexpectedly departed from his position as the country’s top drug regulator earlier this year, citing personal reasons and a wish to spend more time with his family. The surprise move came after a brief […]

Brainstorm Health: Verily Pharma Partners, ‘Conscience’ Clause Lawsuits, Merck’s Mulligan

Good afternoon, readers. I read something pretty troubling (if not surprising) this morning. And, yes, it has to do with my generation, AKA the millennial folk. You may have heard that American health care is an unadulterated mess, and that messiness forces millions of people to make tough decisions when it comes to their finances. […]

Brainstorm Health: A.I. Lung Cancer Detection, Facebook Disease Prevention, Doctor Job Market

Happy Monday, readers! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The machines just aced a major test in the world of cancer detection. A joint collaboration between Google A.I. scientists and medical institutions such as Northwestern Medicine, Stanford Health Care and Palo Alto Veterans Affairs, and the NYU-Langone Medical Center found that neural networks and deep […]

Brainstorm Health: Drugstore as Doctor, Social Media and Suicide Spike, Missouri Abortion Ban

Happy Friday, readers! We have a veritable feast of must-read features accompanying the latest Fortune 500 list’s release (I’ve included links to several of them down below and will continue to in the coming days). But I wanted to highlight one specific story, penned by our own veteran journalist Shawn Tully, on the status of […]

Brainstorm Health: AliveCor ECG, Bayer Roundup Trial, AbbVie Patent

Good afternoon, readers. Zebra Medical Vision, an Israel-base digital health company (whose co-founder and CEO Eyal Gura was featured at our Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego last month), has won Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for an A.I.-powered platform that can help detect early signs of a collapsed lung. As far as artificial […]