The Dark Side of the World’s Bestselling Drug: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers. I’ve been working on a story about Humira, the world’s best-selling drug—and the aggressive tactics that manufacturer AbbVie, No. 381 on this year’s Fortune Global 500, has taken to protect its cash cow. The feature will appear in the August print issue of Fortune alongside plenty of other fascinating pieces about the […]

Protect at All Costs: How the Maker of the World’s Bestselling Drug Keeps Prices Sky-High

Humira has turned AbbVie into a global pharma giant—and the company has aggressively blocked competition to protect its sales. How a blockbuster medication became a case study in what’s killing drug innovation. You may not have any of the conditions Humira treats. But chances are, you’ve heard of it. AbbVie’s flagship therapy, a medicine used to treat a slew of […]

Senator Calls Tying Drugmaker CEO Pay to High Drug Price ‘Problematic’

AbbVie CEO Richard Gonzalez found himself getting grilled by a Senate panel on Tuesday about executive compensation and the price of the blockbuster drug Humira. You’ve likely heard of it, as stumbling across television commercials for Humira is easy. Pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie, a 2013 spin-off from Abbott Laboratories keeps them running on a regular basis, […]