One City Canned Natural Gas for New Home and Business Builds—and It Won’t Be the Last

The fight to kick natural gas out of homes and businesses is intensifying. In a vote late Tuesday, Berkeley—the city near San Francisco long known for its progressive politics—banned the use of the heating fuel in most new buildings. Environmentalists are hailing it as the first city to enact such a prohibition, opening up a new front […]

Pope Francis Just Convinced These Big Oil CEOs to Change Their Message on Climate Change

With protestors clamoring outside the 9th Century Vatican walls last week, a collection of the world’s largest oil and gas companies and investment funds vowed to adhere to the Paris Agreement and to do their part to transition the planet to a low-carbon future, a move that one preeminent climate scientist calls a game-changer. The […]

Scientists Say Evidence for Man-Made Climate Change Has Reached a ‘Gold Standard’ of Certainty

Evidence of humanity’s cause of global climate change through atmospheric warming has reached a gold standard of certainty, said researchers in a commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change published Monday. Using a statistical analysis common in particle physics and employed in detecting the elusive Higgs Boson, scientists evaluated volumes of satellite data. The implications […]