Pope Francis Just Convinced These Big Oil CEOs to Change Their Message on Climate Change

With protestors clamoring outside the 9th Century Vatican walls last week, a collection of the world’s largest oil and gas companies and investment funds vowed to adhere to the Paris Agreement and to do their part to transition the planet to a low-carbon future, a move that one preeminent climate scientist calls a game-changer. The […]

Two Japanese Oil Tankers Reportedly Attacked Near Strait of Hormuz

Two oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels and the U.S. Navy rushed to assist amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran. Japan’s Trade Ministry said the two vessels had “Japan-related cargo” as Prime […]

‘Standing By Is Not an Option:’ U.K. Is the First G7 Country to Commit to a ‘Net-Zero’ Emissions Target

For one of her last acts as prime minister, Theresa May chose to address climate change. On Wednesday, the outgoing U.K. leader is expected to pass into law legislation on a target to lower the U.K.’s emissions to “net-zero” by 2050, following advice earlier this year from the government’s Committee on Climate Change. The targets […]

The U.K. Cut Emissions to the Lowest Level Since 1888. Here’s How It Did It

The U.K. government may be mired in Brexit-related political chaos, but in at least one area, Westminster can claim some success: It’s proved that the right mix of government policies can dramatically reduce energy-related carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. The country has had “major transformations” in energy policy since […]

The U.S Department of Energy’s Rebranded ‘Freedom Gas’ Is a Not-So-Subtle Dig at Russia

Will Belgians and Germans looking to heat their homes this winter draw reassurance, and cheap energy bills, from American “freedom gas”? Maybe while they’re tucking into a classic dish of moules et “freedom fries”? (Remember that?) That’s more or less the claim from the Department of Energy (DOE), which touted the expansion of the Freeport […]

China’s Rare Earth Metals Aren’t the Trade War Weapon Beijing Makes Them Out to Be

China has a stranglehold on rare earth supplies. It could use that to throttle the U.S. That was the thinly-veiled threat President Xi Jinping sent during his first domestic trip since trade negotiations imploded this month. Flanked by his chief negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, Xi took a tour of a factory in Jiangxi province […]

Why the U.S. Should Embrace ‘Green China Inc.,’ Not Fight It

If the relationship between the U.S. and China were a potential corporate merger, now would seem a good time to short the stocks. Nowhere is the interplay more fraught than in the clean-energy sector, the universe of fast-growing industries built around products such as solar panels, batteries, and electric cars. China, which has decreed green […]

Oil Prices Are Being Hit By The Perfect Storm—And Laughing It Off

Oil markets do not have a reputation for being particularly zen. Volatile and quick-to-react, crude oil futures have a tendency to swing wildly and sometimes irrationally, often going in exactly the opposite direction oil analysts expect–sometimes for years at a stretch. So when crude was hit with a “perfect storm” this week–from alleged attacks on […]