Photos of Silicon Valley from Above: Like Spaceships Among the Greenery

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, high tech, and grind. Home to some of the most innovative companies–from large corporations to small startups–the region provides us our blueprint for solving and addressing some of our biggest problems. Aerial photographer Cameron Davidson sees those same big ideas translate from inside company walls to hundreds of feet […]

5 Things to Know About the First Black Hole Ever Photographed

It’s pretty hard to photograph something that devours light, but scientists have finally managed to do so. The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), an international consortium that linked eight radio observatories around the world to create an enormous telescope, has managed to capture the first-ever image of black hole. The shot, which resembled the Eye of […]

PHOTOS: NASA Captures Shockwaves of Supersonic Aircrafts Using the Schlieren Technique

NASA continues to shock. Capturing the first-ever images showing the interaction between shockwaves of two supersonic aircrafts, the agency has hit another milestone in supersonic research. The shockwaves, caused by rapid pressure changes when the aircraft flies faster than the speed of sound, are responsible for what we hear on the ground known as a […]

See How International Women’s Day Is Being Celebrated Around the World

Happy International Women’s Day! Today the world is celebrating women’s rights and achievements, while still pushing for gender equality. This year’s theme is #BalanceForBetter, a call-to-action to create a better gender-balanced world. Women from all walks of life have marched and participated in rallies in their cities. In Berlin, the German capital declared the day […]

On International Women’s Day, Take a Look at These Historic Photos of Women Joining the Workforce

Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements and a call to strive for gender parity. This year’s campaign theme is #BalanceForBetter. The organizers behind IWD explain the theme of balance isn’t just a women’s issue but a business and economic issue too. While we see plenty of women in […]

The Grand Canyon Turns 100 Years Old Today. Take a Look at Its History in Photos

The Grand Canyon is celebrating a big milestone this year, as it is officially 100 years old. On Feb. 26, 1919, Congress passed legislation backed by President Woodrow Wilson recognizing the canyon as a national park. The natural wonder has become an American symbol and a space for visitors to connect with the raw outdoors. […]