Formula E Racing Is Shaping the Future of Electric Cars

When it first debuted in 2014, skeptics wondered whether Formula E would last beyond its first season. An all-electric racing series, the contrarian line went, could never draw meaningful audience or sponsor support when the screaming, gas-powered motors of Formula One or NASCAR were so clearly beloved. Five years later, those skeptics have been proven […]

Baking a “Jellyroll”: How Batteries Get Made

Every day around the globe, millions of run-of-the-mill lithium-ion batteries are cranked out. Typically these workhorses of the electronic economy are produced in cavernous, highly automated factories, quiet and soulless places with long linoleum hallways, bright fluorescent lighting, three or four stories of interconnected assembly lines, and workers scurrying around in protective masks and suits […]

A New Google Antitrust Probe Could Spell Trouble for Its Auto Domination Plans

Google has been hit by yet another antitrust investigation in Europe, but this time it’s not about well-worn complaints over the company’s behavior in the search and smartphone operating-system markets–it’s effectively a clash with Europe’s biggest utility, Enel, and it could spell trouble for Google’s automotive ambitions. Google has for the last four years or […]

‘Burning Money’ or Seizing the Future? Inside Germany’s Bid to Beat China at Building Batteries

The German government has placed a big bet on batteries as a key to the country’s industrial future. The automotive industry is vital to the German economy, and cars are going electric. So, the thinking goes, Europe–and Germany in particular–should be making more electric car batteries. It’s certainly a booming industry; electric car battery sales […]

China Has Had Enough of Your Garbage

China is sick and tired of taking rubbish from America. That sentence may or may not be true in a metaphorical sense, but it is absolutely true in a literal sense. According to a flurry of recent reports in the U.S. media, a decision last year by China’s government to ban waste imports has triggered […]

Henrik Fisker Announces ‘Mass Market’ Electric SUV

Fisker has plans to launch an all-electric SUV to compete with Tesla’s new Model Y. The vehicle will have a range of “close to 300 miles” and according to the company, the vehicle will start at less than $40,000. While no official release date has been announced, the SUV is expected to launch during the […]

Tesla Stock Down 8% as Wall Street Worries the Automaker Is ‘Losing Its Halo’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased his Twitter followers this week that big news was coming. The day after that news dropped–Tesla is finally selling its promised $35,000 Model 3, but it’s shutting retail stores to pay for it–the company’s stock tumbled nearly 8% as analysts worried about Tesla’s outlook. Tesla’s stock is often volatile as […]

SEC Wants Tesla CEO Elon Musk Held in Contempt for Violating Tweet Agreement, Report Says

The Securities and Exchange Commission asked a federal court in Manhattan to hold Tesla CEO Elon Musk in contempt, citing Musk’s tweets last week about the electric-vehicle manufacturer’s production levels, the Wall Street Journal reported. The tweets in question concern Musk discussing Tesla’s estimates for automobile production volumes this year. The Journal said that the […]