Fintech Trends for 2020— Facebook Project Libra, Amazon, and Millennials: The Ledger

Now that we’ve had a little more than a week to decompress from our time in Montauk for Brainstorm Finance, we’ve been reflecting on everything we learned and culling the key trends that emerged from our discussions with top executives. That’s why, in lieu of a guest on this week’s “Balancing the Ledger,” the three […]

Disrupting the Dollar, Gold vs Bitcoin, Marvelous Montauk —The Ledger

On the shores of foggy Montauk, tech and finance executives gathered last week at Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance to talk about big ideas. Notably, they explored how the ethos of Silicon Valley is seeping into Wall Street, and asked whether big banks will be displaced–or if the old guard of the financial world will simply appropriate […]

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Ambitions Provoke Heated Debate—The Ledger

At a dinner last week, The Ledger observed Michael Casey and Paul Vigna, coauthors of The Age of Cryptocurrency and its blockchain sequel The Truth Machine, get into the sort of row that only coauthors (and perhaps long-married spouses) know. Casey downplayed Facebook’s seemingly omnipotent advantage in getting its cryptocurrency adopted and used, saying its […]

Fintech and Blockchain in Montauk—a Countdown: The Ledger

It’s almost time. The conference we’ve been building for more than a year is just over a week away: Fortune’s first-ever Brainstorm Finance conference kicks off on the beach in Montauk next Wednesday, June 19. My Ledger co-authors (Jeff and Robert) and I, along with our fantastic events team, have been working night and day […]

The Ledger: The Crypto Rebellion, Mastercard Moxie, As Coinbase Turns

American history is replete with uprisings against overbearing government: think of tax-weary colonists throwing tea into Boston harbor or the Reagan Revolution of 1981, where voters demanded a respite from regulation. Today, leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry are at a breaking point of their own, issuing a collective cri-de-coeur against the SEC. The first […]

The Ledger: IPOs to Rival Dotcom Bubble, Facebook ‘GlobalCoin’ Coming Soon, Billion-Dollar Blockchain Buybacks

2019 is poised to be the biggest year for U.S.-listed initial public offerings since the dotcom bubble. That was one of my findings in a piece I contributed to the recently published Fortune 500 issue of the magazine. As Kathleen Smith, cofounder of Renaissance Capital, an IPO-tracking firm, told me: “We think we can get […]

The Ledger: AT&T Blamed for Cryptocurrency Hacks, ‘Game of Thrones’ Meets Crypto, Barry Silbert Talks Bitcoin

Last week was blockchain week in New York, and on Wednesday I was at the Consensus conference to moderate a couple of panels, one of which was titled “Policing the Blockchain: Protecting Investors and Consumers.” It was an exciting discussion for me, because one of the panelists, Michael Terpin, had been the victim of a […]

The Ledger: Fin-Tech in Montauk, Binance Robbery Update, Go Away Fake Satoshi

It’s Blockchain Week in New York, and so this week’s newsletter is devoted to a special event–not the chaotic conference unfolding right now in midtown Manhattan, but a June gathering on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. It was almost two years ago when the three of us–Jeff, Jen, and Robert–first created The Ledger as […]

The Ledger: Stripe’s Post-GDPR Plan, Facebook’s Crypto, Berkshire Hathaway’s Bitcoin Dis

A year ago, the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, a piece of legislation designed to force companies to protect people’s data. In just a few months, another data-related EU law is coming into effect: the second “payment services directive“, or PSD2. The new law, which becomes mandatory on September 14, […]

The Ledger: Bitfinex’s Tether Trouble, Bitcoin Crime, Bakkt Buys a Custodian

Even before the New York Attorney General revealed a bombshell lawsuit last week against Bitfinex and Tether, you probably had some concerns. Suspicion has swirled around Bitfinex and Tether, which share the same owners and management, since at least early 2018, most of it focused on whether Tether, a stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar, […]