The Ledger: AT&T Blamed for Cryptocurrency Hacks, ‘Game of Thrones’ Meets Crypto, Barry Silbert Talks Bitcoin

Last week was blockchain week in New York, and on Wednesday I was at the Consensus conference to moderate a couple of panels, one of which was titled “Policing the Blockchain: Protecting Investors and Consumers.” It was an exciting discussion for me, because one of the panelists, Michael Terpin, had been the victim of a […]

The Ledger: Fin-Tech in Montauk, Binance Robbery Update, Go Away Fake Satoshi

It’s Blockchain Week in New York, and so this week’s newsletter is devoted to a special event–not the chaotic conference unfolding right now in midtown Manhattan, but a June gathering on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. It was almost two years ago when the three of us–Jeff, Jen, and Robert–first created The Ledger as […]

The Ledger: Stripe’s Post-GDPR Plan, Facebook’s Crypto, Berkshire Hathaway’s Bitcoin Dis

A year ago, the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, a piece of legislation designed to force companies to protect people’s data. In just a few months, another data-related EU law is coming into effect: the second “payment services directive“, or PSD2. The new law, which becomes mandatory on September 14, […]

The Ledger: Bitfinex’s Tether Trouble, Bitcoin Crime, Bakkt Buys a Custodian

Even before the New York Attorney General revealed a bombshell lawsuit last week against Bitfinex and Tether, you probably had some concerns. Suspicion has swirled around Bitfinex and Tether, which share the same owners and management, since at least early 2018, most of it focused on whether Tether, a stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar, […]

The Ledger: Binance’s Secret Sauce, Fake Satoshi, Waiting on Bakkt

I’ve written about the tech industry for ten years but never can I recall a firm becoming so dominant so fast as Binance. The exchange came out of nowhere in mid-2017 and rapidly gobbled up a huge share of the crypto trading business, while also launching its own currency–Binance Coin–that now has a market cap […]

The Ledger: China’s Bitcoin Ban, Crypto Endowments, Arbitrage bots

China appears poised once again to clamp down on the cryptocurrency industry. But people should welcome, not fear, the proposal. The National Development Reform Commission, China’s top economic planner, last week recommended eliminating the digital “mining” business altogether, echoing similar guidance the commission published in 2011. The country has dominated this lucrative specialty for the […]

The Ledger: Ripple and JPM, Coinbase Loves Stake, Mining Blues

When JP Morgan announced plans in February for its own cryptocurrency, I wondered what this would mean for Ripple. The San Francisco crypto company has long touted its favored currency, XRP, as a type of bridge money for financial firms to use in international transactions. Those ambitions could be dashed if banks decided to use […]

The Ledger: ‘ICO’ Settlement Learnings, Apple Card, Bitcoin Trading Faked

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been cutting deals in recent months with cryptocurrency projects it has deemed to be in violation of the so-called Howey test, a rule-of-thumb for determining whether an asset qualifies as a security and, therefore, must be registered with the agency. I spoke with some of the entrepreneurs who […]

The Ledger: Vitalik on Gaming and Ethereum’s Killer App, Mt. Gox CEO Not Guilty, Circle’s Jeremy Allaire

I spent last week in Hong Kong at the Token 2049 conference, where I moderated a panel on cryptocurrency investing and caught up with dozens of entrepreneurs and investors in the industry. While the mood was a tad more somber than last year’s inaugural event (where it literally rained crypto), there was one subject people […]