Walmart Pulls Violent Video Game Displays and Turns Off Hunting Season Footage but Will Still Sell Guns

Walmart has ordered workers to remove video game signs and displays that depict violence from stores nationwide after 22 people died in a shooting at one of its Texas stores but will continue to sell guns. In an internal memo, the retailer told employees to remove any violent marketing material, unplug Xbox and PlayStation consoles […]

Investors Aren’t Dumping Gun Stocks Following Mass Shootings–They’re Picking Up More

You might assume that following a mass shooting—such as the two over the weekend that killed 31 and injured dozens more in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio—that investors would dump gun stocks. You’d be wrong. Shares of gunmakers Vista Outdoors and American Outdoor Brands jumped 2% Monday, while shares of Sturm, Ruger & Co rose as […]

Trump Once Again Blames Video Games for Mass Shootings. Experts Disagree.

Donald Trump, in a press conference Tuesday discussing the two horrific mass shootings over the weekend, turned to a familiar scapegoat: Video games. While Trump did not blame games directly for the domestic terrorist acts, he did indicate he believed them to be partially culpable. “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society,” […]

What You Need to Know About 8chan, the Controversial Site Tied to the El Paso Shooting

Moments before a suspected domestic terrorist began firing and killing innocent people in El Paso, he went online. Before he pulled the trigger, authorities say, he allegedly visited the forum website 8chan, posting a manifesto, expressing a fear that Hispanic people would take over Texas and turn it into a “Democrat stronghold.” It wasn’t the […]

‘Cesspool of Hate:’ Internet Firm Cloudflare Drops 8chan for Alleged Ties to El Paso Shooter

Cloudflare Inc., a U.S. internet firm that helps websites protect and distribute content, said it is terminating support for 8chan after the gunman in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas allegedly drew inspiration from members in the online messaging forum. In a strongly worded message on the company blog, Cloudflare Chief Executive Officer Matthew Prince condemned […]