Data Sheet—What’s Wrong With San Francisco

It is open season on the technology industry and its capital city. And not without reason. The behemoth tech companies that created so much excitement, value, and utility for consumers everywhere have worn out their welcome for the time being. Facebook abetted the ruination of democracy. Twitter has helped foul the national discourse. Apple has […]

Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Join Global Pledge to Combat Online Hate Speech

The leaders of France and New Zealand joined with the world’s biggest online platforms in pledging to help curb the internet’s role in spreading hate speech and incitement to violence. At a summit in Paris Wednesday, representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and Alphabet Inc., committed to use and develop rules, algorithms and direct intervention […]

User-Reported Twitter Violations Jumped 19%—but the Number of Accounts Punished Dropped

Despite Twitter’s ongoing promises that it’s working to make its social network a safer place, the company punished just under 6% of the accounts users flagged for abusive or hateful content, or violent threats during the second half of 2018. The information comes from Twitter’s latest transparency report, released Thursday. The biannual report provides data […]

Twitter and Instagram Are Starting to Imagine a World Without ‘Likes’

The “like” is one of the most valuable metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, letting people know that their posts are appreciated while also helping those social media services better decide which content to show first, or which ads a user is most likely to click on. They’ve also turned social media into a popularity […]

The World’s Greatest Leaders

Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders list is out, and although I love all our lists equally, I must confess that this is one of my favorites. Good leadership is often hard to define. In the abstract, it can feel bogged down in metrics, benchmarks, and execution-speak. But told through stories, leadership comes alive as a creative […]

Beyoncé Comes Home To Netflix

If the Beyhive members on your staff are sleepy today, let them be. They’re in a blessed place. Early Wednesday morning, Netflix began streaming “Homecoming,” a 137-minute documentary that revisits Beyonc?’s headlining set at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2018. It was worth getting up early for. On one hand, it’s a […]

Twitter Reports Decline in Abusive Content and Promises New Rules to Combat Bad Actors

Twitter says that it’s getting better at finding and removing abusive tweets–a problem that has long plagued the social network. On Tuesday, Twitter said it had suspended three times more abusive users within 24 hours of them being reported, compared to the same time last year. Between January and March, the company suspended 100,000 accounts […]

Donald Glover Debuts His Latest Project at Coachella

As Grammy winner Donald Glover was performing as Childish Gambino at Coachella, he gave attendees a festival within a festival, via a 55-minute Amazon Original film he debuted on Thursday. The film, Guava Island, was eagerly anticipated by fans. For one, it promised to be the capper to a terrific year for the multi-hyphenate star, […]

Google’s Chief Diversity Officer is Out Amid Controversies

Here’s your week in review, in haiku.   1. Aunt Becky thought the D.A. only had one pair and not a Full House.   2. Find someone who looks at you like Katie Bouman looks at a black hole   3. She points to the sky, a spider falls from power. Change comes to Sudan. […]