Instagram Is Testing a Change That Could Benefit Your Mental Health but Influencers Won’t Like It

Instagram is expanding a test to hide how many “likes” people’s posts receive as it tries to combat criticism that such counts hurt mental health and make people feel bad when comparing themselves to others. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has been running the test in Canada since May. Now, Facebook said the test has been […]

Facebook Removed 2.2 Billion Fake Accounts This Year. It Only Has 2.38 Billion Active Users

Facebook released its community standards enforcement report Thursday morning, offering a much more in-depth look at the inner workings of the company than previously seen. One of the most surprising insights came from Facebook’s removal of fake accounts. The company said it removed 2.2 billion accounts in the first quarter of the 2019. That’s a […]

Pinterest Falls 19% on Its First Earnings Report, Previewing a Troubling Post-Tech IPO Trend

The bullish tech IPO market of early 2019 faced another setback Thursday as Pinterest, which has seen its stock price soar following its listing a month ago, delivered its first-ever earnings report. The numbers were largely below what investors were hoping for, causing the stock to fall as much as 19% in after-hours trading. Pinterest […]

Reading the Mueller Report Is Easy. It’s the News That People Can’t Figure Out

As has been already widely reported, U.S. Attorney General Robert Barr released a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the public on Thursday. The 448-page Mueller report PDF is rich in detail and quotes and reads like a spy novel at times–not that most people will actually download it. What’s more likely […]

Big Tech Could Be Liable for Content That Isn’t Actually Illegal, If the U.K. Gets Its Way

The British government has been making noises for a while now about introducing new online safety laws, and its proposals are finally here. On Monday, the government published an “online harms white paper” that is open for public consultation until July 1. In it, the government proposes making online platforms liable for the protection of […]

Data Sheet—Why ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ Is Out

Last week at Fortune‘s health-oriented conference in San Diego, I re-connected with an experienced tech-industry entrepreneur who sold his last company, a commerce app that will have no lasting impact on civilization, for a heap of money. He’s now fully focused on biology, convinced we are in a life-changing era of discovery and innovation. I […]

French Muslim Group Sues Facebook and YouTube over Christchurch Livestreams

The French Council of the Muslim Faith said Monday it is suing Facebook and YouTube for allowing the livestream of the Christchurch massacre on their platforms earlier this month, Reuters reports. The council represents millions of Muslims in France. The group said it’s suing the French branches of both social networking sites for “broadcasting a […]

Pinterest, Valued Near $12 Billion, Files for an April IPO

Pinterest filed documents to go public with the Securities and Exchange Commission late Friday, joining other tech-unicorn peers such as Uber and Lyft in what is becoming a crowded IPO pipeline. The social-media company, last valued at $12.3 billion in a June 2017 private round of financing, was reportedly bumping up its timing for a […]