Nike App Stomps on ‘Archaic’ Foot-Measuring Tool

Nike new shoe-sizing technology doesn’t worry the company that’s been measuring feet for 92 years. The Brannock Device Co. manufactures the ubiquitous shoe-store contraption that you’ve almost certainly used but probably can’t name. It’s called the Brannock Device, and the people who’ve been selling them for almost a century say they’re more concerned with the […]

Why Were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google Allowed to Get So Big?

The rise of global technology superstars like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google created new challenges for the competition watchdogs who enforce the nation’s antitrust laws. Those companies dominate markets in e-books and smartphones, search advertising and social-media traffic, spurring a global debate over whether it’s time to rein in such winner-take-all companies. The U.S. has […]

What Retail Workers Say About Technology Potentially Eliminating Their Jobs

Two out of three retail workers believe that technology will eventually replace some of their job responsibilities, underscoring the rising concern about the impact of automation and cutting-edge technology on the workplace. That’s according to a new survey Thursday by The Fair Workweek Initiative, a project spawned from the non-profit labor-monitoring groups The Center for […]

People Are Concerned About Their Privacy in Theory, Not Practice, Says New Study

Privacy would seem a big thing for consumers, given recent events. Class action lawsuits against tech firms, noise about privacy legislation, and a new demand for privacy related jobs are all signs that keeping information confidential has become important. So it’s not surprising that a privacy survey from IBM’s Institute for Business Value that came […]