How a Boston Startup Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. Aaron in for Adam this morning. You’ve no doubt heard about the “Internet of Things”–maybe you’ve even heard too much–but Shimon Elkabetz wants you to start thinking about the […]

Date Sheet–How a Boston Startup Could Revolutionize Weather Forecasting

Aaron in for Adam this morning. You’ve no doubt heard about the “Internet of Things”–maybe you’ve even heard too much–but Shimon Elkabetz wants you to start thinking about the “Weather of Things.” While the government and most private weather forecasters rely on satellites and a network of weather stations and radars scattered around the country, […]

Amazon Gave Jobs to DOD Staff Working on Cloud Bid, Lawsuit Claims

At least two Pentagon employees were offered jobs at Inc. while working on the Defense Department’s $10 billion cloud contract, a lawsuit filed by Oracle Corp. alleges. The amended complaint, made public on Tuesday, claims Deap Ubhi, a former employee at a high-level Defense Department technology unit, helped design the cloud contract in a […]

When Artificial Intelligence Knows Too Much (or Too Little) About You

“Know thyself.” Those were the words of advice offered up by philosopher, historian, and best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari during an on-stage conversation at Stanford University last week. The prolific writer (and agitator) has long been a critic of artificial intelligence applications that track, aggregate, and learn from our every move, gleaning insights about us […]

Law Enforcement Shouldn’t Rely Entirely on A.I. to Decide Whether to Detain Suspects, Report Says

Law enforcement shouldn’t base their decisions to detain suspects or extend prison terms entirely on artificial intelligence because its flaws and biases. A report published Friday by Partnership on AI (PAI), formed by tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook along with advocacy groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, is intended a sound a […]

Data Sheet—Why Bill and Melinda Gates Topped Fortune’s Greatest Leaders List

We interrupt our usual tech-industry programming today to bring you something mostly different, Fortune‘s annual World’s Greatest Leaders list. At the top is a former tech guy, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda. The Gateses have given away some $45 billion over the years to fight diseases like malaria, cholera, and tuberculosis. Fortune […]

Want a Better Health System? You Need A.I. (And Here’s Why)

Few technologies in the past few years have fed the health care hype machine like artificial intelligence. A.I. isn’t just some shiny object to feed futurist dreams–it’s critical to building a better health system and understanding health across a wide population, argues IBM executive vice president John Kelly. Kelly spoke Tuesday at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Health […]

Millions of Flickr Photos Were Scraped to Train Facial Recognition Software

If you’ve ever uploaded images to Flickr, there’s a chance that those photos were used by IBM to help train facial recognition software, NBC News reports. In January, the company released a collection nearly a million photos which were scraped from Flickr and then annotated to describe the subject’s appearance. IBM touted the collection of […]

In Business, the ‘Frozen Middle’ Blocks Design Thinking. Here’s How to Fix It

IBM has more than 2,000 formally trained designers on its staff–potentially more than any other company in the world. But the multinational corporation still struggles to implement design thinking. “We see a CEO advocating and buying in [to design], we see teams on the ground ready to go, but it’s that frozen middle that really […]

Where Has All the Ransomware Gone? Cybercriminals Prefer ‘Cryptojacking’

In the world of digital thievery, a business model pivot is apparently underway. Over the past year cybercriminals have shifted their focus from ransomware attacks to so-called cryptojacking. That’s the marquee finding out of a new threat report published by IBM this week: Instances of the former money-making scheme were down 45% in 2018, while […]