Why Facebook’s Card Shark Poker Bot Won’t Ruin the Game—Data Sheet

To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies¹, it’s sad to see another tired A.I. bot lay down his hand and quit the holy game of poker. Chess, checkers, Go, now poker? Yes, it’s true. A team of artificial intelligence researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Facebook have developed a poker-playing A.I. bot dubbed […]

A New A.I. Is Running the Table Against Poker Pros. Is Business Strategy Next?

It knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. And, unlike in the old Kenny Rodgers ballad, it didn’t need a grizzled cowboy gambler to teach it a trick or two. A poker bot has beaten a table full of pros at six-player, no-limit Texas Hold ’em, the version of the game used […]