For Qualcomm, the Future Is 5G

If there’s anything Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf likes talking about, it’s 5G, the speedier successor to current 4G LTE mobile networks In a discussion at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, Colo. on Wednesday, he spoke in detail about why 5G, a technology that carriers are now rolling out, is getting off to such a […]

Will A.I., Blockchain, 5G, and Virtual Reality Give Companies a Competitive Edge?

Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. 5G networks. Virtual reality. Business executives have no doubt been inundated with marketing materials and sales pitches proclaiming that these buzzy technologies will give them the edge over their competitors. But oftentimes, big tech initiatives fail, leading to disappointed management teams disillusioned by vendor promises. Executives gathered Wednesday at Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech […]

While the Huawei Ban is Hurting Broadcom and Micron—it May Help Qualcomm and Ericcson

When the U.S. decided to ban Huawei, it was intended as a backhanded slap over claimed security risks, as Fortune has previous reported. But after striking the face of the Chinese telecommunications giant, the impact kept traveling and has hit multiple U.S. firms right in the earnings. The ban–actually, the addition of the company to […]

Huawei Delays Its Foldable Mate X Phone As It Faces a Trifecta of Market Headwinds

If you’re really looking forward to getting your hands on Huawei’s new 5G foldable phone, you’re unfortunately out of luck–the beleaguered Chinese company’s Mate X will be rolled out later rather than sooner. Originally due in mid-2019, the Mate X will only come out in September, corporate communications chief Vincent Pang told Reuters. Pang suggested […]

‘Fewer Choices, Higher Prices’: Here’s What Spurred 10 States to Try and Stop the Sprint T-Mobile Merger

Nine states have filed a lawsuit to block the proposed merger between wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin claim the merger would reduce competition and drive up the cost of cellphone service. The result would have a particularly tough impact on […]

Huawei Strikes a 5G Deal in Russia as the Chinese Tech Giant Remains on U.S. Blacklist

Huawei signed a deal to bring super-fast 5G wireless networks to Russia, signaling that the Chinese tech giant isn’t letting its blacklist status in the U.S. bring down its global business. Russia’s top mobile network, MTS, announced on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with Huawei to bring 5G technology, the successor to the […]

Health Concerns May Slow Rollout of Super-Fast 5G Mobile Networks, Analyst Warns

As the wireless industry races to install thousands of new cellular sites to create super-fast 5G networks, questions about the impact of the new technology on human health may delay its arrival, one Wall Street analyst warns. In the U.S., both the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission say there is nothing […]

Trump Targets Huawei in Declaring National Emergency for Threats Against Communications Tech

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that could restrict Chinese telecommunication firms Huawei Technologies and ZTE from selling their equipment in the U.S., ratcheting up the battle for control over new 5G technology networks. The order, which didn’t name any countries or companies, declares a national emergency relating to threats against information and […]

Apple Week in Review: iPhones Rumors, Tim Cook on Doing ‘What’s Right’

Apple is working on new iPhones for later this year, but don’t expect them to have dramatically different designs. Reports this week said that Apple’s planned iPhones look nearly identical to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from last year. This time around, Apple will focus more on the components inside the devices that […]