Apple’s WWDC 2019: What Time It Starts, How to Watch and More

Apple’s traditional fall press conferences, where it usually rolls out new iPhone models, are must-watch events for the tech world, but they can’t hold a candle to the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The annual event is Apple’s showcase for new software and technologies–a preview, if you will, of what’s to come. And this year’s conference […]

AMD’s 50-Year Tug-of-War with Intel Just Took an Interesting Turn

Of all the bitter rivalries that have stoked competition in Silicon Valley, the longest-running battle belongs to chipmakers Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. At a computer conference in Taiwan this weekend, the tech tug-of-war between the two companies underwent an intriguing twist. For decades, Intel has typically dominated in the market for the processors that […]

Photos of Silicon Valley from Above: Like Spaceships Among the Greenery

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, high tech, and grind. Home to some of the most innovative companies–from large corporations to small startups–the region provides us our blueprint for solving and addressing some of our biggest problems. Aerial photographer Cameron Davidson sees those same big ideas translate from inside company walls to hundreds of feet […]

How the Kleiner Perkins Empire Fell

Some five years ago Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, founders of a potentially disruptive no-fee stock brokerage startup called Robinhood, set out to raise capital for their fledgling Silicon Valley outfit. They sought a relatively small amount, $13 million, that would value their idea at $61 million. The former Stanford classmates, both within spitting distance […]

10 Books in Business and Journalism You Should Read This Spring

The days are longer and the sun is out later, and while that might seem like a prime time to get out of the house, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your books at home. This spring is already fruitful for the publishing industry, still riding the success of semi-recent releases like Michelle Obama’s […]

How This Female Fintech Exec Conquered Her Imposter Syndrome to Succeed In Silicon Valley

Jotaka Eaddy arrived in Silicon Valley after years of working for groups like community organizer USAction and the NAACP. But despite her formidable accomplishments, she couldn’t help second-guessing herself in tech, an industry facing a chronic under-representation of women and people of color in positions of power. “There is this idea that you have to […]

This Leadership Move Shows That Netflix Is Focusing on Hollywood, Not Silicon Valley

In 2016, Fortune wrote about how Netflix had become Hollywood’s Silicon Valley frenemy, insinuating itself into the industry from a healthy 350 miles away. But a series of recent investments and leadership decisions might show that Netflix doesn’t just want to be Hollywood adjacent–it wants to be Hollywood. The latest indication of this comes in […]

New Apple TV Ad on Privacy Hits Facebook and Google Where It Hurts—Without Mentioning Them

Apple is taking another swipe at its fellow tech giants for their privacy policies, this time in a new commercial that touts Apple’s stated focus on protecting user privacy. Without naming the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, the TV ad invokes what many consider to be their lax privacy stances. “If privacy matters in […]

College Admissions Cheating Scandal Takes Down TPG Growth Founder Bill McGlashan

More than 40 CEOs and celebrities were indicted on Tuesday in a massive college admissions cheating scandal. Among business leaders charged was William E. “Bill” McGlashan Jr., the founder and managing partner of TPG Growth, a private equity firm with investments in Airbnb and Uber. McGlashan, an outspoken advocate of ethical investing, is charged with […]